Basic Steps to Build The Brand Connect You Want 27 Dec 2012

Basic Steps to Build The Brand Connect You Want

Every morning you get up and even before you brush your teeth, you check your smartphone to see if you have any new mails, facebook updates or messages to attend to. Internet and its easy access on our smartphones have changed the extent to which we are glued together.

For you as a brand’s marketer, it opens up a wide range of options to reach out and connect with your target segment and existing customer base. Here are the basic steps to build your Brand Connect in today’s ever-changing and constantly mobile consumer environment –

  1. Approach influencers – you might climb up on a roof in New York and shout what you want to say – but nobody will hear you! Simply because there is so much noise and activity around that nobody even notices that you are up there. This is exactly why it is important that you use online research tools and professionals to help identify the right influencers. These influencers are the most talked to/listened to groups and individuals online and extremely important in shaping your brand’s perception. They may range from active groups on social networks to local/national sports and entertainment celebrities. The most important thing to remember is ‘when they talk, people listen’ – so let them do the talking for your brand.
  2. Engage & Talk – what do you do to perk up a drab looking dress? Accessorize! So, when you are interacting on a one-to-one level with your customers or prospects – ‘don’t bore them!’ Use videos, interactive games and downloadable music/ringtones as your engagement accessories. These not only help you grab your audience’s attention but also notch up your Brand Recall every time they play your game or share your video.
  3. Share & discuss – get online forums going with relevant tips and interesting discussions. Sometimes it may even work to be controversial. Or simply dig up what your target segment likes doing on the weekend. Suggest new getaways and fun alternatives that they would like to hear about. You may be a jeans company and the music might not be directly related to your product, but start a debate on who is going to rule the charts this season. You are not selling their CDs, but if you know it’s something your customers are passionate about – discuss it on your forums. You may even use social media to get your consumers to design your new logo or write your new punch-line. Create a campaign, and reward your target segment for getting involved with your brand.
  4. Learn & adapt – gather information. When your clients speak, listen to them and incorporate their feedback into your system. Get a specialist to collate and analyze the data at an aggregate level. Study not just what they are telling you, but also what your target segment is discussing at other public and social media forums. Identify what they are thinking, pick up the latest trends. And then use this information. Build it into your product and propaganda. Use these ideas in your campaigns. If I know that the ‘Twilight’ look is a rage, I will use that look on the models in my jeans ad! Why not?
  5. Broadcast & update – if people have willingly signed on to your brand’s Facebook page or Twitter account, give them the updates they actually look forward to. Tell them about your upcoming offers in their city, share the latest designs and pass on referral bonuses for inviting friends.
  6. Repeat – just like your shampoo bottle says ‘lather, rinse, repeat’; for maximum effectiveness – you need to constantly repeat the above steps to build and retain your brand’s connect with your audience.

– Research Optimus

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