How Mobile Platforms Are Transforming The Search Market? 13 May 2015

How Mobile Platforms Are Transforming The Search Market?

Individual and business consumers are now using mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets as much as (or more than) PCs in many cases. According to recent research findings, web searches are now taking place more on mobile devices than on computers. What does this mean for search marketing? In this article, Research Optimus explores influence of mobiles on search marketing as we move forward to a changing future of more searches using mobile devices.

Understanding the Concept of Search

When a search is performed in any search engine, it is termed a “query” and the results are referred to as organic search. Google, for example, uses its own algorithm called “PageRank” to administer the order of search results, and it does not accept money for placement of links in the organic search. The process of improving a web page ranking is known as search engine optimization (SEO), which is a critical marketing function.

Search Engine Algorithms

Much of what is known about search algorithms used by major search engines is based on analysis and assumptions by “outsiders” because like many winning recipes, the ingredients are a closely guarded secret. Most search engines use “spiders and crawlers” (automated programs) to crawl the web and analyze web pages in a variety of ways. They then use its “secret formula” to rank search results on a search engine results page (SERP).

The Focus Is Now On Mobile Ad-Revenue

“What are our customers doing and what do they want?” seems to guide search engines on a daily basis. Most of their revenues are still derived from advertising programs like AdWords (a pay-per-click platform with fees paid by advertisers). For example, worldwide advertisers spent $8.8 billion on mobile internet ads during 2012, eMarketer reports. To take further advantage of the growing popularity involving mobile devices, top search engines are now enhancing and simplifying advertising campaigns for searches on mobile devices.

Mobile Search vs. PC Search

Mobile searches involve a wide variety of operating systems and apps. And the mobile market is much more fragmented than a “Mac vs PC” environment for traditional computers. Quixey, a mobile search start-up has raised over $100 million in venture capital — their focus expressly involves helping users find information within mobile apps. Such developments could involve “Out with the old, in with the new” tendencies for mobile users.

Dealing with Changes

With the constant changes involving technology platforms, “Market Research” is still a practical and cost-effective strategy to keep up with changing trends involving consumer and business behavior. Research Optimus is ideally suited to help businesses of all sizes keep up with “Big Data.” By outsourcing your trend analysis research needs to Research Optimus, you can outsmart your competition in both a mobile and PC world.

Whether you are reading this article on a PC or a mobile device, please share your views about mobile searches with a comment below — don’t forget to share with all of your mobile, Mac and PC friends by using the social media buttons.

– Research Optimus

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