How Reducing Online Purchase Anxiety Increases Sales 19 Sep 2013

How Reducing Online Purchase Anxiety Increases Sales

If you can reduce the amount of anxiety your site generates, you can see a sharp increase in sales. According to Marketing Experiments Journal, a professional organization that scientifically measures purchasing behavior after tweaking sites, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate if you enhance the trust factor. In some experiments they saw conversion-to-sale rates jump by as much as 70%.

They even have created a formula: C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) - 2A.

That is…

Conversion = 4(Motivation) + 3(Value) + 2(Interest – Friction) – 2(Anxiety)

Here’s how it works. Your customer comes to your site motivated and interested in the subject, and then evaluates the value of what you’re selling against the price in order to determine whether he will buy. If he experiences low friction (a user-friendly site and easy-to-manipulate ordering process) AND low anxiety (has little or no customer worries), then he is much more likely to press the buy button.

It is usually the first impression of your landing page that makes or breaks a sale. Below are a few critical things you can do to reduce customer anxiety to increase your conversion rate.

  • Include testimonies that highlight a specific benefit of the product, such as fast shipping, 24-hour after-sale support, manufacturing quality, etc. These testimonials resolve specific customer concerns or questions.
  • Match the look and feel of the site to your prospects’ industry-specific expectations and visual prejudices. In a nutshell, match your words and design to your audience’s state of mind. Are they patriotic? Include an American flag. If they are young and trendy, drop the corporate jargon.
  • Generate trust by displaying seals of approval from trusted agencies, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trust-E, Verisign Secured, etc. You can also add affiliations or endorsements from reputable well-known individuals or organizations.
  • Offer guarantees or trial period. A 100% money-back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee or 30-day trial does a lot to reduce purchasing stress. These statements should be located very close to the Buy button, so customers don’t abandon at the purchase point.
  • Be visible. The “About Us” page should provide full details as to the name, address and telephone of the company, along with pictures and information about the leadership team. People buy from people that they know, like and trust.
  • Create a natural eye path. The natural way to present information is from top to bottom, which is the natural path of the eye. Having the visitor go from left to right and up and down can cause unnecessary anxiety and friction. Let it flow top-down like a magazine article.

The goal is to get as many people to your site, and perfect that site so that the trust factor is at all-time-high and the process to make a purchase is seamless. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be inadvertently informing them that doing business with you is safe and that you will deliver exactly what you have promised.

– Research Optimus

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