People Really Want Smart Apps For Their Smart Phones 20 Dec 2012

Smart apps people really want for their Smart Phones!

Today everyone has an all-in-one work-cum-pleasure assistant at their disposal. An assistant who wakes you up, tells you what work you have lined up, even reminds you of your wife’s birthday! He shows you the maps to any destination you choose, arranges for you to easily click photographs, video conference and connect with friends over Facebook and Twitter, lets you work on documents and spreadsheets and lots more.

He is none other than your average smart phone. And to think that there was a time not so long ago when you used a phone only to talk to people!

But times are changing really fast and everyone wants newer and smarter apps on their phones. So let’s take a look at some of the latest trends –
Smart Apps

  1. Wake you up – but smartly and sweetly! A simple alarm clock is passé. What you should be looking at is a smart app, which wakes you up earlier than usual if it’s raining (as your commute to work will take longer), or wakes you up a couple of hours later if its snowed so bad that you won’t be able to make it to work at all! Further, it should be smart enough to wake you up with a melody that is in sync with the current weather, and greet you with day, date and time information. No, it’s not a dream. The application simply connects to the local weather updates online and has your preferences saved (about advancing or delaying the alarm timing, music melody etc). It combines all this information and performs its function to your delight!
  2. Help you eat better – A Smart app that helps you monitor your diet’s calorie content throughout the day and warn you before you pop in an extra desert with dinner. It should also monitor other dietary components that are important to you – like caffeine or alcohol intake. Even a friend could guess when to stop you, but your smart app really knows when to stop you! It uses calorie, caffeine and other calculators, your food intake update, along with your personal fitness data (like weight, height, BMA) and your limitation settings to warn you before crossing a threshold.
  3. Help you quit! – Say you want to quit smoking or you know that your posture is bad and want help improving it. Imagine an app where you can set your quit smoking goal. It counts every cigarette you are smoking during a day (through wireless sensors) and sends you a beep before you are about to cross your day’s limit! Or, an app that will monitor your posture in real time and send you reminders to sit up straight!
  4. Help you Look better – Mirror, mirror on the wall! An app that monitors your complexion or skin condition over time and reports improvements or issues, suggests solutions or even recommends a local specialist! All it would require you to do is take regular snapshots of your face when the app reminds you, and wait for the diagnosis and suggestions. You are a regular runner and need training guidance? Bring along an app that tracks your running distance using GPS and also tracks performance using your heart rate data, analyzes these together and advises you on improving your pace, style, etc.
  5. Keep you safe – An app that instantly alerts a list of people or emergency help-lines about your location and crisis situation so they can come to your assistance at the push of a button or call of a voice command.

In short, the mantra for smart phones’ smart apps is – think healthy, think real time and think interactive!

– Research Optimus

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