Media Research Increases Market Intelligence 10 Oct 2013

Targeted and Effective: Media Research Increases Market Intelligence

In the past media research was expensive to perform because the primary media sources were TV and radio. Now audiences are passively watching TV and more actively using online entertainment such as YouTube, online radio, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks to the proliferation of social media and easy-to-access data, it is simpler now to track trends, traffic and customer behavior online. Social media research also enables you to administer online surveys in real time by asking consumers questions on Facebook or Twitter and getting answers within a couple of hours. Social media research is low-cost and efficient, so it should be conducted by any business that is serious about customer satisfaction and sales growth.

What type of information can you get via media research?

  • Research of the market and its segments. What are consumers attracted to and why?
  • Research of advertising effectiveness. Which advertising messages are working most effectively to draw engagement?
  • Research and evaluation of audio-visual media content. What types of audio-visual entertainment is popular and growing?
  • Evaluation of internet websites. Which websites attract the most visitors in your field and why? What sites have the best conversion rates?
  • Measure audience numbers, internet traffic, and media-related behavior. Who’s listening or watching what? Are they focused or multi-tasking? What is their purchasing behavior online? Do they recommend products?
  • Consumer research. How do consumers behave? What do they want from you?
  • Brand research. How is the brand doing in terms of awareness, customer satisfaction, and penetration?

The Benefits of Social Media Research

A survey by Wildwire App showed that the polled 700 marketers from around the world attest to gaining value from social media and 75% planned to increase their media spending in the next year. Brand awareness and the ability to engage in direct dialogue with customers were the two most important benefits of social media.

Some of the other benefits of using social media for research are as follows:

  • Real-time results (feedback, comments, an email in response)
  • Highly targeted (you can define your parameters)
  • Simple interface, easy to use (does not involve technological expertise)
  • Low-cost (you can poll a huge audience for free or a small price if using Pay Per Click)
  • Develop new customers (your interactions can interest new followers or buyers)

As the world’s consumer-base moves increasingly online to perform research, make purchases and discuss preferences, online research will only continue to grow as a valuable tool for your company.

Research Optimus can help you with your social media research project. We offer comprehensive research services designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge needed to make complex decisions for your business. Talk to our “analyst on hire” today to learn more about how we can help you use online research for your next marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing about how we can help you use online social media research to meet your business goals.

– Research Optimus

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