Research Services for the Public Sector

Research Optimus confronts public sector officials and managers with the information to manage increasing debt levels and demand for services in an era of shrinking budgets. While this involves a delicate balance in even the best of circumstances, Research Optimus can help governmental organizations with customized research services for public sector clients.

Research Optimus enables public sector decision-makers stay updated about new trends so that they can manage critical changes impacting their constituents. Many technological and economic developments impact both the private and public sectors, and ROP’s research team can provide global expertise in both government and commercial markets.

Research Optimus provides government managers with a cost-effective strategy for analyzing and controlling high-ticket public sector expenditures like healthcare and pensions are typically impacted by societal trends and macroeconomic factors that can be complex to understand and manage effectively.

The era of "Big Data" has created new challenges for the public sector. Sophisticated techniques like data mining and data analytics have been readily adopted by businesses, but the public sector has been slower to adopt these data management practices. ROP can help public sector organizations make this important transition to modern knowledge management tools.

There are many reasons why both public sector and private sector organizations of all sizes use outsourcing to address challenging problems. In addition to saving time and money, outsourcing strategies also provide access to experts that would be difficult (if not impossible) to hire under normal circumstances. Research Optimus can lend an expert helping hand with more than 20 research services that are designed expressly for the public sector — additional details are summarized in the following paragraph.

Ways We Can Provide Research Services for Public Sector Clients

ROP provides the following customized research services for the public sector:

  • Infrastructure Reports

    ROP will assess current and planned infrastructure demand in specific geographic areas and can provide useful comparisons with similar areas. Reports can include detailed infrastructure cost analysis and funding alternatives.

  • Project Finance Research

    Research Optimus can coordinate all aspects involved in complex Public Private Partnerships. We can identify and compare public finance options such as private equity funds (increasingly important in an era of shrinking budgets).

  • Credit Research

    ROP performs all-important due diligence and credit analysis needed to evaluate credit ratings of public sector partners. We also conduct third party validations.

  • Environmental Research

    Research Optimus explores environmental issues such as water pollution, waste, air pollution, climate change and deforestation. This public sector research is often more effective when produced by an independent research organization.

  • Public Safety Reports

    ROP produces insights into public safety issues that include cybersecurity, crime and terrorism. We publish reports that are supported by relevant graphs and statistics.

  • Public Real Estate Reports

    Research Optimus examines the public real estate market and costs for public sector facilities such as sports and recreation venues, community halls, swimming pools and public libraries.

  • Customer Service Reports

    ROP analyzes customer satisfaction of public bureau users, identifies bottlenecks, performs customer interviews and assesses service quality benchmarks.

  • Primary Research

    Research Optimus completes original public sector research via methods such as mail surveys, interviews, online surveys and questionnaires.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    ROP customizes its public sector macroeconomic analysis to encompass relevant indicators such as local and regional growth, interest rates and employment.

  • Financial Markets Reports

    Research Optimus evaluates how global and national financial markets impact public sector financing tools such as structured financial products. Reports can be customized for specific departments such as Tax or Treasury.

  • Public Income Reports

    ROP reviews all current and potential sources of income such as permits, fees, tax revenues and building rentals. We can also analyze benchmarking with other political jurisdictions and examine alternative user fee and tax structures.

  • Fixed Income Markets Reports

    ROP reports on fixed income trends and forecasts that can have an immediate impact on public sector decisions such as government refinancing and new public finance projects.

  • Currency Analysis

    Research Optimus explores policy implications due to global and national currency fluctuations. We provide periodic updates as new currency developments are ongoing in their potential impact on issues such as employment, imports, exports, retailing and manufacturing.

  • Technological Updates

    Research Optimus showcases the latest IT systems and processes that can be used in public bureaus. This includes examination of e-payment systems, mobile applications and online activities.

  • Public Service Reports

    ROP analyzes public sector "industries" such as public pension systems, healthcare and transportation departments. We assess elements such as cost structures, trends, new developments and service levels.

  • Legal Reports

    Research Optimus helps to manage public sector compliance requirements. We also conduct expert interviews, provide regulatory updates and supply legal research for regulatory and judicial bodies.

  • Industry Reports

    ROP facilitates a deeper understanding of current and proposed public sector and business activities by analyzing specific industries, identifying major players and regulatory challenges and examining trends and forecasts.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Research Optimus analyzes best practices for public sector activities, performs SWOT analysis and provides benchmarking guidance. We can compare elements such as tax structures and foreign investment incentives with competing political jurisdictions.

  • Economic Development Reports

    ROP enables more effective economic development decisions with detailed evaluations of incentives as well as costs. Reports can be customized for specific public sector clients such as development departments and development banks.

  • Data Analytics

    Research Optimus helps public sector clients make the transition to more effective data management practices such as real-time data analytics, dynamic analysis and data mining.

  • Public Sector Intelligence Dashboard

    ROP consolidates multiple data metrics so that public sector decision-makers, managers, departments and special projects have access to customized data summaries as they need them.

  • Presentation Creation

    Research Optimus creates specialized presentations often required for a variety of public sector audiences such as constituents, special committees and legislators.

Immediate Help for Public Sector Clients

When a public sector organization is reviewing outsourcing alternatives, Research Optimus is a leading candidate to consider — our research team can help you save both time and money while also providing immediate access to international public sector experts.Contact Us

Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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