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It’s crucial for competitive businesses to track and evaluate their internal performance. Without an explicit understanding of how effectively your business operates, including productivity rates, customer behaviors, return on investment, and so on, it becomes very difficult to spot improvements, take advantage of trends, and ensure effective investments. That is why business analytics are such an important service.

What Are Business Analytics?

Business analytics are a method of tracking internal business performance based on data and statistical methods. What you measure, you can improve upon. Capturing and interpreting data about your company’s effectiveness enables you to make real-time decisions that will deliver better business results. Furthermore, via predictive modeling you can start to manage and prepare for the future.

There are many different types of business analytics. Depending on your industry and your specific business goals, Research Optimus can provide behavioral analytics, collections analytics, fraud analytics, pricing analytics, and supply chain analytics. We also offer financial services analytics, risk and credit analytics, marketing analytics, and more.

For more information about how our business analytical services can help you achieve your goals, contact Research Optimus today.

Our Business Analytical Services

At Research Optimus, we are industry leaders in providing business analytics solutions for competitive businesses. Our goal is to use statistical analysis to help companies gain insight into their business performance data, and use that data to vastly improve business processes and long-term performance. Our business analytics services include:

We use all of the latest tools, including SAS, SPSS, R, and MS Excel. We're also well trained in statistical techniques, including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Crosstab, Co-relations, ANOVA, MANOVA, Time Series Analysis, Pareto Chart, Discernment analysis, Logistic Regression, and Chi-square.

We're happy to offer extremely competitive rates, while supplying top-notch service from professionals with extensive experience in business analytics. We follow strict confidentiality policies, have a solid security systems onsite, and we provide you with a dedicated professional project manager to oversee your tasks and guide you every step of the way.

We’re happy to offer extremely competitive rates, while supplying top-notch service through professionals with years of experience in business analytics. We keep strict confidentiality, we have incredible security on location, and you always receive a dedicated project manager looking over the efficiency of your tasks.

We’re more than just a research company. We’re a partner in your long-term success. Contact us today to learn more, or browse our website to find out all of the services we offer to companies just like yours.

Relevant Terminology to the Business Analytics World

  1. Data Mining: Utilizing data analysis to spot valuable information from databases.
  2. Business Intelligence: Researching companies to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Test and Learn: Testing small changes at some locations to gauge impact.
  4. Business Process Discovery: Capturing the processes in a working business.
  5. OLAP: Analyzing multiple pieces of data from multiple perspectives.
  6. Customer Dynamics: Information on how the customer and the business function together.
  7. Data Layout and Quality Checking: Viewing data for errors over the entire database.
  8. Data Preparation: Cleaning up data for easy analysis.
  9. Pattern Recognition: The ability to spot important patterns within a business.
  10. Decision Trees: Tree model of decision making possibilities and outcomes.
  11. Segmentation: Methods of extracting demographics or groups within a market.
  12. Logistic Regression: Regression analysis based on predetermined criteria.
  13. Factor Analysis: Statistical tool for determining variables in a dataset.
  14. Principle Component Analysis: Business analytics procedure for predictive modeling.
  15. Predictive Analytics: Statistical functions that predict outcomes.
  16. Customer Analytics: Customer behavior patterns.
  17. Text Analytics: Type of data mining using text based databases and sources.
  18. Trend Analysis: Collecting information for pattern recognition analysis.
  19. Customer Intelligence: Any type of data collection on customer behaviors or patterns.
  20. Customer Satisfaction: Overall satisfaction level of customers on a part of the industry.

We employ a huge staff of research professionals that can come up with creative and valuable analytics solutions for your specific industry. We can help you define and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide you with a snapshot of your business processes. The data can be conveyed via a combination of reports, spreadsheets and charts.

We're more than just a research company. We're a partner in your long-term success. We are happy to discuss your unique needs with you at any time and show you how we're a great fit for outsourcing your research needs. Talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today.

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Case Study

A Retail Company Based in Switzerland Seeking to Increase Sales and Identify Cross/Upsell Opportunities

Challenges:We were contacted by the client, a Switzerland-based retail company in need of cross/up-sell opportunities that could increase overall sales.

Situation:Our team spent time interacting with the company, gathering data about their operations and better understanding their existing processes. We then collected sales data and prepared that data for analysis to determine the best cross/up-sell opportunities.

Results:The company was able to run targeted promotions using the data we provided and was able to subsequently increase sales for total revenue five times that of their campaign cost.

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