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Primary market research, also known as proprietary research, is a crucial part of developing a successful business. Yet many companies only engage in secondary research – researching data that has already been collected by others. Secondary research is useful to get a broad overview of your industry, but primary market research digs deep, because it is developed from scratch to address specific questions or problems that are relevant to your company.

But not all companies engage in such high-level research because it can be costly and time-consuming to produce. Furthermore, it often involves considerable expertise in research design and tools that many companies lack in-house.

Research Optimus Advantage to Doing it In-House

That's where we come in. Research Optimus provides affordable, efficient, and expert primary market research for companies all over the globe. Do you have a particular question you’d like to investigate? With complete confidentiality and experienced research professionals at the ready, we're able to generate the results your company needs to position itself ahead in the local, national, or global marketplace. For more information about how our primary market research services can help you achieve your goals, contact Research Optimus today.

At Research Optimus, we have the tools necessary to conduct primary market research and deliver results in a timely manner. Our record speaks for itself, with countless satisfied customers and a proven ability to identify and meet your company’s needs. We can assist you with the following primary market research services:

  • Primary Data – We'll collect data from scratch according to your research needs.
  • Competitor Intelligence – We'll research other companies and find weaknesses to exploit.
  • Focus Group Interviewing – We'll run focus groups and use the feedback to create your survey.
  • Questionnaires and Survey Design – We'll create surveys that will deliver real results.
  • Target Audience Profiling – We'll identify and choose your target respondents.
  • Data Collection and Processing – We can conduct, and administer the entire survey ourselves.
  • Data Analysis – We'll analyze the data to uncover answers to your research questions.
  • Report Generation and Presentation – We'll explain the results in an "easy to understand" manner.

No other company understands research quite like we do, and no other company can offer you the research results that you need to succeed.

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Our primary market research services are second to none. When you outsources to us, you'll get a dedicated project manager committed to providing you with outstanding results. We have access to all the leading analysis tools, including SPSS, SAS, R, and Microsoft Excel, and we are knowledgeable in every analysis technique.

Talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today to get started, and let us show you how we've helped countless companies achieve long term success.

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