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Research Optimus provides dynamic and interactive dashboards, and analytical and reporting tools for data driven business leaders across the globe. Our real-time data visualization can combine data from multiple sources to create unique insights so that business leaders can present their performance numbers in real-time.

Our global clients have benefitted from our simple HTML5 web technology dashboard accessible on all platforms including handheld devices. We can create analytics dashboards with multiple visualization controls, and built-in formula editing features to present and drive your KPIs.

As a leading business research service provider, Research Optimus’ understanding of your custom dashboard requirement is second to none. Contact our experts today to get started!

Business Intelligence Dashboard
Services By Research Optimus

We provide a broad range of dashboard creation services including deployment, development, maintenance, and also the below mentioned service categories.

  • Effective dashboard creations and visualization solutions
  • Enhancing existing dashboards
  • Xcelsius dashboard add-on components
  • Embedding dashboards into operational systems

Key Features Of Our
BI Dashboard Creation Solutions

  • Can be accessed from mobile and tablet devices
  • Fast to roll out
  • Can be exported to PDF and emailed
  • Offered as a fully managed service with no software to install and maintain
  • No upfront cost
  • High data security
  • Data hosted on a top-tier hosting and cloud storage providers
  • Users can write comments on dashboards before they are being distributed
  • PDF exports can be scheduled to arrive automatically in the mail box
  • Can pick up data from various data sources including databases, excel files, other hosted applications with API features and many more.

Our In-house Expertise for
Dashboard Creations

Our in-house expertise for creating reliable and visually appealing dashboards is not limited to:

  • Sales Dashboards
  • KPIs Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Metrics Dashboards
  • Company Dashboards
  • Marketing Dashboards
  • Website Dashboards
  • Dashboard Management
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Business Analytics Dashboards
  • Operational Dashboards

Time and Cost

Typical time frame to implement
  • Week 1: Requirement capture and data source review
  • Week 2: Dashboard creation and review
  • Week 3: Go live
Typical cost
  • 500 USD / month for a dashboard with one data source and 2 user licenses
  • Every additional user will be 30 USD / month
  • Additional dashboards will be 50 USD / month
  • Additional data sources will be 50 USD / month

Support and Additional Services

Support and maintenance
  • Monthly cost includes support and maintenance
  • Additional 5 hours / month available for refining dashboards
  • Can purchase packs of hours for additional changes required
Additional services
  • KPI workshops to identify what metrics matter
  • Analysis, insights and recommendations
  • Training

Our Commitment:

Within the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system framework, we believe in our ability for the best of breed professional services, and uphold our commitment to quality, turnaround time (TAT) and ultimately the client satisfaction as our top priorities. Our stringent data security measures such as NDA enable us to keep your valuable data confidential all times. We offer dashboard creation services at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

If you’re looking for quality dashboard development services to make a difference in your business, feel free to contact us today for detailed information on our services and help us to serve you better.

Why Hire Research Optimus for BI Dashboard Development Services?

Dashboard creation services call for certain skills that consolidate both business understanding and technical aptitude with a flair for visual design. We have these skills to cater to all clients’ promising requirements, and offer several benefits that no other service providers can.

One-point solution provider
Expertise in dashboard creations required for any functional area or industry
Effective data visualization and interpretation
Interpreting your data with powerful graphs and charts
Access to latest data
Enabled by automatic refreshes to your dashboards, you will always be kept accessible to the latest data
User level access control
Users can view data based on security level, and easily configure user access control.
Our core competencies
In-house technical strengths, state-of-the-art infrastructure amenities, skilled and competent human resource are our core competencies.


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