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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading independent market research agency. We work with global research firms and corporates looking for an offshore team to handle and lead their market research projects. As an offshore research firm, our mission is to offer significant cost advantage to all our customers

We offer an extensive range of white-label market research services for guiding organizations towards sustainable business growth. We do this by offering a single-window experience for businesses to understand their target markets, customers, and competitors and empower them with actionable market information and financial insights.

White-lable services

Our Research Services

top market research companies in india
Market Research

Our in-depth research delivers actionable market intelligence.

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financial research journal
Financial Research

Our team of analysts provides specialized financial insights.

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Pharma Research Research firms
Pharma Research

Customized research that caters to the pharmaceutical industry.

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scientific research and development companies
Scientific Research

Exhaustive scientific research support that aids research projects.

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top media research companies
Media Research

Media monitoring and data mining that help track consumer behavior.

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business analytics service providers
Business Analytics

Business Analytics solutions that promote real-time decision-making.

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