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At Research Optimus (ROP), we have designed a comprehensive, customer-centric pricing structure reflective of our desire to prioritize the needs of our clients. We aim to become a valuable offshore research partner to businesses globally.

We offer competitive pricing to accommodate the specific budgets and requirements of diverse businesses and projects. With no bare-minimum billing requirements, clients can avail of our services for scalable project sizes. Our sizable team of experienced analysts is available to execute any ad-hoc projects, as well.

The final pricing is largely determined by the project type, the number of resources allocated, and the expertise level required to accomplish the work, which may require the skills of either Analysts or Senior Analysts.

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Hourly Rates

We have designed a simple, hourly-based pricing model for all service ranges so that our clients can benefit from competitively priced research services from qualified data analysts. Our data-informed business intelligence combined with functional skills ensures insightful and effective research and analytics services in a wide range of relevant branches:

  • Business Research Services

    The majority of our Business Research Services start at an hourly rate of $25.00, depending on the scale of the project. This service range includes Market and Competitor Profiling, Business Development Support, and more.

  • Financial Research Services

    Most of ROP's Financial Research Services begin at $27.00 per hour and can scale according to the project details. Services are Financial Modeling, Investment Banking Support, Business Valuations, and Pitch Books.

  • Data Analytics

    Our extensive range of Data Analytics Services starts at an hourly rate of $35.00. We offer Predictive Modeling, Text and Sentiment Analytics, Retail Analytics, Risk Analytics, Survey Analytics, and much more.

  • Contact/Industry List Building Services

    Basic hourly rates for engaging ROP Contact or Industry List Building Services begin at $10.00 per hour. This pricing is inclusive of the services such as Contact Database Building, Marketing Lists, and more.

FTE Rates

When the time comes each month that you need an update on the data being analyzed and research reports being prepared by our staff, we offer comprehensive dial-a-report options including competitor analysis, competitor profiling, perceptual mapping, competitors business analysis, trend analysis, key opinion leader summary and analysis, and database updates. This will ensure you have the newest data available at all times in your hands to make decisions with.

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