Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is developed with the needs of our customers in mind, including the specific budgets and requirements from a wide range of industries. The exact pricing depends on the scale of your project, the number of individuals required to work on that project and the expertise and level of skill needed to complete that project among other requirements.

Hourly Rates

Our basic hourly rate for research services start at $14 per hour. This rate includes many forms of fundamental research related to competitor profiling, business development and more.

For in–depth business analytics, our hourly rate is $22 per hour. This includes more advance services such as business valuation, financial analytics and more.

FTE Rates

We carry a staff of many highly educated individuals ready to take on any of your projects. Our full–time–equivalent rates for research start at $1,800 per month per individual.

For business analytics, our full–time–equivalent rates start at $3,200 per month per individual. Contact us today to learn more about what these rates include and what services fit under each category.

Pricing Notes

Research Optimus staff members can be hired under one of four payment options:

  • Full-Time-Equivalent – Hire a Research Optimus staff member full time on a month–by–month basis.
  • Transaction Based – Pay for only the number of tasks or transactions you need performed by our staff.
  • Project Duration Based or Milestone Based – Pay for the duration of a project based on FTE or hourly rates.
  • Hourly Rates – Hire a staff member on an hourly rate based on our minimum order of 80 hours, to be used as needed for your project.

Contact us with any inquiries and we will discuss with you all of your pricing options, and will provide a no-obligation quote. Contact Us

Note: Research Optimus responds to business enquiries only, and we do not make unsolicited or automated calls. If you receive such calls please submit your complaint to