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When outsourcing your research and data analysis to an offshore research firm, security is incredibly important. Your proprietary data and business goals need to be protected, not only legally but physically. Research Optimus (ROP) understands these concerns and strives in everything we do to create a secure environment that will protect your data.

We do this in a number of ways. To start, we strongly encourage the use of a non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties before the start of a new project. This document shows our commitment to the security of your data and is supplemented by individual NDAs signed by any staff member that works on your account.

Beyond non-disclosure agreements, we utilize carefully established systems to protect your data at every step of the process.

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Our Data Security Procedures

We utilize a number of tools to protect your data before and after it is viewed and worked on by our staff. All email folder and file data is encrypted before and during projects to ensure the protection of your data. We also back up that data regularly to an off-site secure location to ensure no data leakage. All source documents are either returned to the original client or destroyed after a project is completed and only scanned or electronic copies are given to or shown to staff members.

In addition to data security, we use the following access restrictions to protect the workspace against leaks:

  • Login required to access the premises
  • SmartCard access required for entry to building
  • All workstations lock against unauthorized login
  • Digital signatures and secure email access with single login for all enterprise applications
  • All employees sign a legally binding NDA before starting work

Our security network is supported by a Cisco VPN tunnel between our machines and those of our customers, supported by Cisco Intelligent Switches and Cisco Network Assistants. Combined with a top-of-the-line Cisco PIX Firewall blocking all external ports, we maintain secure connections at all times for data transfer.

Combined with security surveillance, auditing, and facility monitoring as well as disabling external hardware that can transfer data from a machine, we keep a close eye on all work at all times.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the expertise and experience of ROP and our growing team of dedicated data analysts, you can rest assured that data security is of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive white-label research services and why several Fortune 5000 companies have chosen us as their offshore research partner.

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