Quality System Policy

The goal of Research Optimus (ROP) is not only to provide you with an affordable solution for white-label data analysis and research services; we strive in everything we do to ensure the utmost quality as well. Using careful quality guidelines we strive to offer only the best research and data analysis services to our customers at every step of the process at affordable prices.

Using cutting edge technology, the newest versions of top-rated software and staff members trained by world-class universities to analyze and research your data, we can ensure you receive the most accurate, highest quality analytics and research for your business. Combined with quality checks throughout the process, we use the newest technology to gather, process and analyze data points and provide both qualitative and quantitative results.

Our quality checks are done to protect the integrity of productivity, hiring, training, critical performance, and overall processing capability, along with any other general improvements we can make.

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The Core of Our Quality System

Our quality system is designed to ensure every step of the way is systemized and perfected
to match your needs. This includes:

  • Analysts and researchers are screened for experience and expertise in their field and we
    hire only MBA and PhD graduates
  • Analysts and researchers who miss deadlines or fail to provide key results, or generally fall short of their goals are
    removed from their projects.
  • All data is checked and verified before presentation to the client.
  • Reports are generated regularly to evaluate the performance of our staff members.
  • Suggestions from clients are encouraged and used to improve our process throughout the project.
  • Reports are prepared and presented each day, week and month to ensure your schedule and project guidelines are being met.
  • Before delivery occurs on any project goals, they are cross-checked against your specific needs.

Because we are so careful in how we hire, train and oversee the staff members that will work with your data, you can be sure that the quality of your final deliverables will be top tier every time. Contact us today to learn more about our quality system and the many benefits you can start realizing by partnering with ROP as your research outsourcing partner.

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