Rehabilitation Robotics Market - Report Highlights

With the implementation of robotics and advanced technology across all medical fields, there has been a major focus and expanded interest in the Rehabilitation Robotics market. Not only has the market shown a current annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%, but the use of medical robots in therapy has been very well received.

The trend analysis and market overview of this report delivers an interesting view of the future of Rehabilitation Robotics and the market for it. Beyond the implementation and application of robotics in the medical industry, the report highlights investment potential going forward.

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Scope of the Report

This report takes an in-depth look at the Rehabilitation Robotics market. Besides an introduction and summary on the growth rate, it offers a forecast from 2018 to 2024 based on industry research, and key data from primary and secondary sources. The research alone takes a broader look at assistive robots, prosthetics, orthotics, therapeutic robots, exoskeleton robotic systems, strokes, orthopedics, sports, as well as cognitive and motor skills disabilities.

Before the report delves into the core research matter of Rehabilitation Robotics, it gives the reader a market overview with an industry segmentation. Here it includes an impact analysis of market dynamics, market drivers, and market restraints, as well as competitive benchmarking. At the core of the research, the rehabilitation robotics market is analysed and listed by type, application, type of extremity, and region.

The segment that looks at Rehabilitation Robotics by type, looks at the progress and advancement of socially assistive robots, and how they can help through individual non-contact assistance in convalescence and rehabilitation. In a similar manner, the report provides insight on prosthetics, orthotics, therapeutic robots, and the exoskeleton robotic systems, which is the direct interaction between human and device.

By application, the Rehabilitation Robotics market is slightly different, since it offers a more isolated view on the use of robotics. The use highlighted in the report deals mainly with orthopedics and sports, while showcasing how it has been utilized in the treatment of strokes, neurorehabilitation, as well as cognitive and motor skill disabilities.

In order to fully understand the different growth sectors, and to hypothesize future opportunities based on current trends, it is important to look at the market by type of extremity. Therefore, the impact of Rehabilitation Robotics on lower, upper, and full extremities is mentioned specifically.

The section providing the region-specific research expands on the Rehabilitation Robotics markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. The competitive landscape is also mentioned, since adopted business strategies, new product launches, and mergers will all greatly affect the future of the Robotics industry.

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Report Core Objective

This report is designed to enlighten readers, and to detail the current data available about the Rehabilitation Robotics market. It is also aimed at relevant industry specialists, market research and investment analysts, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. In its entirety, this report should provide sufficient information for interested readers to make informed decisions. Furthermore, manufacturers seeking a space in the relevant retail sectors would find the research material of great benefit.

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Rehabilitation Robotics Market


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