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Data is valuable most when it is fresh. When it provides immediate insights into exactly what opportunities are available for your business in a competitive market. That's why Research Optimus (ROP) makes speed and accuracy a top priority for our analysts. To ensure the utmost in quality, we strive in everything we do to provide speedy, high-quality services to each of our customers. This is why leading MNCs, SMEs, startups and research agencies have chosen us as their offshore research partner.

Anything that might delay the completion of your project is unacceptable, so we strive for every component of our business operations to ensure turnaround time is met 99.9% of the time.

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Our Standards Ensure
Turnaround Time Is Never Delayed

Turnaround time and quality standards must be both maintained at all times. Neither should be sacrificed to allow for the other and our business policies reflect that belief.

To ensure this is the case, we make an accurate estimate of the total time that will be involved in the completion of your project, based on the total number of deliverables and their urgency. Because we have built our business to be as efficient as possible, we eliminate several possible delays before they can arise, ensuring speedy completion of key project deliverables.

Throughout this process, our quality system ensures each staff member working on your project maintains certain standards and that nothing is sacrificed to meet their deadline. We maintain a large pool of skilled analysts and researchers so we can ensure the best trained and suited for the job is selected for your project. Then, throughout the project, we take your feedback and use it to refine our focus and eliminate any issues that might directly affect the quality and turnaround time of the project.

Dial-a-Report Availability

When the time comes each month that you need an update on the data being analyzed and research reports being prepared by our staff, we offer comprehensive dial-a-report options including competitor analysis, competitor profiling, perceptual mapping, competitors business analysis, trend analysis, key opinion leader summary and analysis, and database updates. This will ensure you have the newest data available at all times in your hands to make decisions with.

Ensuring an Accelerated Process
without Sacrifices

By creating a business that strives for excellence without obstacles, we can ensure the quality of your project remains high while turnaround time is minimized. Contact us today to learn more about how ROP can assist with your data analysis needs with flexible engagement plans.

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