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Companies that deal with delinquencies and collections, as well as any company that deals with risk behaviors or investments, need to correctly analyze groups of individuals for their collective risk, and understand how to leverage what may traditionally be considering risky lending with potential for profit, and vice versa. They also need to develop strategies for choosing the best collection agencies, legal actions, and more. All of these requirements are addressed via collections analytics.

How Collections Analytics Can Improve Profits

When it comes to collections, every decision your company makes has a financial outcome. To compete in the marketplace, you need to maximize your collections decisions. Organizations need to find strategic advantages that allow them to capitalize on accounts where profit potential is still present and collect quickly on those where it's not using the most efficient collection strategies available.

Collections analytics uses a wealth of data to assess collections and profit risk. It looks at all types of data and uses it to assess predictive patterns – patterns that can be used to make strategic decisions with regards to your collections, including how much to allocate for collections, when to take legal action, and how far to pursue a delinquent account.

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Research Optimus -- Business Analytics Experts

At Research Optimus, we have mastered the art of collections analytics. We employ skilled professionals that know exactly how to decipher trends within the data that will help you make smart decisions with your collections. For information about how we can help you achieve your collection goals, contact Research Optimus today.

With programs like SPSS, MS Excel, SAS, and R on hand, and knowledge of all the important statistical techniques, we're prepared to handle any type of analysis that will help deliver results. Techniques and strategies used for collections analytics within your company will include:

  • Data Preparation

    We can prepare databases for thorough analysis and support of your data to improve your collections decision-making.

  • Pattern Recognition

    We will analyze your data and recognize possible patterns to draw important conclusions about your collections procedures.

  • Segmentation

    We will discover and use segments within a dataset that indicate groupings for your business.

  • Principle Component Analysis

    We will discover potential predictive tools based on groups within your data sets. This data can be used to better understand numerous areas of your collections processes.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We use collections analytics to make informed predictions and help you decide how best to allocate resources.

  • Trend Analysis

    We will spot trends using advanced analytical tools both in contacting and collecting from debtors.

  • Customer Intelligence

    We use a number of advanced statistical tools to understand customers and customer behavior.

  • Data Layout and Quality Checking

    We prepare databases by cleaning data and ensuring quality so that all information gleaned from them is as accurate as possible.

We want to be your first choice when you are in need of collections analytics. Research Optimus takes confidentiality seriously, and our prices are incredibly affordable – far less expensive than doing it in-house. If you need collections analytics, contact us today. Find out how we've helped numerous companies just like yours with all of their collections analysis needs.



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