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ROP is a leading analytics and research firm offering white label business analytics services to research agencies, large enterprises as well as SMEs. As an offshore partner, our mission is to help clients achieve the cost advantage when they outsource their search projects to us in India.

We help our customers gain an explicit understanding of how effectively their business operates, including productivity ratings, customer behaviors, return on investment, and so on. This helps them in making strategic business decisions to guide the future of their companies.

Our team is based in Bangalore, India. Our customers are spread across the globe in North America, Europe, and Australia and include several companies from the Fortune 5000 list.

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What Are Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a method of tracking internal business performance in order to gain insight into the company that you can use to plan for the future. Business analytics allows companies to create predictive modeling, which in turn gives them immensely valuable tools for decision making.

There are many different types of business analytics. We offer financial services analytics, risk and credit analytics, marketing analytics, and more. Depending on the industry, we can provide behavioral analytics, collections analytics, fraud analytics, pricing analytics, and supply chain analytics. Our business analytics services include:

  • Retail Analytics

    We help you identify, attract, and retain the most profitable customers thorough our analysis. This can improve profitability and increase the ROI at your operations.

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  • Risk Analytics

    Operational and financial risks are only growing in an increasingly complex global business world. Our team can help your business plan for and mitigate these risks.

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  • Supply Chain Analytics

    Greater efficiency in the supply chain can improve profitability, reduce working capital, and is necessary to become a top-notch organization. Our team can get you there.

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  • Collections Analytics

    Accounts receivable and collections are something every organization must deal with. We can find a strategy to better manage this and improve cash flows.

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  • Financial Analytics

    Our financial analysis can help you fine tune your business by identifying areas for improvement, establishing new benchmarks, and helping you get there.

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  • Predictive Analytics

    Our specialists use a variety big data analysis approaches to help predict how likely different scenarios are for your business and how it will perform in these situations.

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  • Survey Analytics

    Surveys help you understand your customers, competitors, and markets to a greater degree. Our service keeps you ahead of the market instead of just reacting to it.

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  • Contact Center Analytics

    The call center is a key touch point with your customers. Our qualitative and quantitative analysis improves customer satisfaction and leads to greater productivity.

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  • Text Analytics

    Our text analytics service can help your business improve its marketing efforts, gather competitive intelligence, and quantify something that is qualitative in nature.

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  • Dashboard Preparation

    Our customized online dashboards show important information and provide your business the tools your team needs to create and manage a leading organization.

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At Research Optimus, we are industry leaders in providing white label business analytics solutions. Our goal is to use statistical analysis to help companies gain insight into their business performance data, and use that data to vastly improve business processes and long-term outlook.

We use all of the latest tools, including SAS, SPSS, R, and MS Excel. We're also well trained in statistical techniques, including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Crosstab, Co-relations, ANOVA, MANOVA, Time Series Analysis, Pareto Chart, Discernment analysis, Logistic Regression, & Chi-square.

We're happy to offer extremely competitive rates, while supplying top-notch service through professionals with years of experience in business analytics, helping you benefit from outsourcing. We keep strict confidentiality, we have incredible security on location, and you always receive a dedicated project manager looking over the efficiency of your tasks.

We're more than just a research company. We're a partner in your long-term success. Contact us today to learn more, or browse our website to find out all of the services we offer to companies just like yours.

Relevant Terminology to the Business
Analytics World

Data Mining

Utilizing data analysis to spot valuable information from databases.

Business Intelligence

Researching companies to gain a competitive advantage.

Test and Learn

Testing small changes at some locations to gauge impact.

Business Process Discovery

Capturing the processes in a working business.


Analyzing multiple pieces of data from multiple perspectives.

Customer Dynamics

Information on how the customer and the business function together.

Data Layout and Quality Checking

Viewing data for errors over the entire database.

Data Preparation

Cleaning up data for easy analysis.

Pattern Recognition

The ability to spot important patterns within a business.

Decision Trees

Tree model of decision-making possibilities and outcomes.


Methods of extracting demographics or groups within a market.

Logistic Regression

Regression analysis based on predetermined criteria.

Factor Analysis

Statistical tool for determining variables in a dataset.

Principle Component Analysis

Business analytics procedure for predictive modeling.

Predictive Analytics

Statistical functions that predict outcomes.

Customer Analytics

Customer behavior patterns.

Text Analytics

Type of data mining using text-based databases and sources.

Trend Analysis

Collecting information for pattern recognition analysis.

Customer Intelligence

Any type of data collection on customer behaviors or patterns.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction level of customers on a part of the industry.

We employ a huge team of business insight analysts that can come up with creative and valuable analytics solutions for any type of industry, and we're happy to discuss your unique needs with you at any time and show you how we're a great fit for outsourcing your research needs. Talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today.

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