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The business analytics field is designed to help companies gain an edge over their competition. While marketing and product creation are an important part of that, selling your products or services is not the only way to develop an upper hand. One of the most important strategies for recognizing opportunities and improving revenue is with financial analytics.

Financial analytics is the development of a database of financial information for a company so it can be benchmarked against that of the company’s competitors and other segments of the industry. Using the results of these benchmarks, financial decisions can be fine-tuned to maximize profit and revenue within the company.

In the modern online business, the classic model has been flipped on its head and financial analytics is making it possible to act on this change. Whereas before brand capital was the tip of the pyramid and physical and working capital were immensely important, today’s businesses are increasingly online, meaning less physical and working capital and significantly more brand capital - to act on brand and human capital, you need data. That’s what we provide.

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The Value of Modern Financial Analytics

Financial analytics is valuable for a variety of reasons. It may be useful for performance evaluation (recognizing strong or weak areas of the company or investments), as well as valuable for creating mathematical models that give you a basis from which to predict the future of your finances, the financial markets, or financial performance.

Companies use this data to:

Make important business decisions.

Improve business planning.

Forecast revenue and financial changes.

With expertise in pattern recognition, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, understanding the Voice of the Customer, affinity analysis, decision trees, understanding the willingness to pay from the customer for the support or service and we're positive that we can correctly analyze any and all data and supply you with the information that your company needs to get itself ahead.

It's especially useful for predictive planning, as it allows companies to forecast for many different financial scenarios and allocate resources appropriately.

In today’s financial climate, accounting, finance, taxes and other financial areas are rapidly turning to data warehouses to supplement their analytics services and provide benefits to the entire company. More than just analyzing past data, financial analytics provides a valuable support tool for making important decisions in the finance industry.

Outsource Financial Analytics Services

As valuable as financial analytics are, few companies have the tools, staff, or experience necessary to correctly decipher important qualities of the data. These analytics involve complex calculations and an eye for the most minute details, and hiring people on staff yourself to complete these calculations is costly, with no guarantee of success.

That's why we employ some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the entire industry – MBAs with considerable experience working with SAS, SPSS, R, and MS Excel. Our staff is ready to perform all of the complex calculations your company needs to create the financial models that will help drive good decisions.

How We Handle Financial Analytics Services for Your Business

  • Predictive Analytics

    Using data previously gathered within your company, we can create predictive models showing what is likely to happen in the future financially.

  • Data Preparation

    We will ready your databases to ensure they're prepared for analysis and future decision making.

  • Pattern Recognition

    We use advanced modeling tools to track and develop pattern recognition that will improve your businesses’ performance.

  • Customer Analytics

    We can create models that show past and future customer behavior, ensuring you act quickly when opportunity arises.

  • Segmentation

    We will break data down into its relevant segments to make it easier to work with in your business.

  • Customer Intelligence

    We will collect data relevant to the actions and needs of your customers, based on past interactions and current responses.

  • Principal Component Analysis

    We use datasets to discover or make predictions on groups within your industry, effectively providing valuable data based only on your data.

  • Data Layout and Quality Checking

    We will prepare and clean data for use and perform a thorough quality check on every aspect of your company’s information before it is used for analysis.

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We provide countless financial analytics services, all for far less than the cost of hiring the team in house, and we promise complete confidentiality and the utmost security for any and all financial data. Contact us today to find out more, and see why we're the leading provider of outsource financial analytics services to companies all over the world.

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