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Research Optimus (ROP) is a predictive analytics specialist that helps businesses make intelligent decisions using data and statistical modeling. Our white-label predictive analytics services help research agencies, MNCs, SMEs and startups make probability-based expectation judgments to identify risks and opportunities and improve organizational outlook.

ROP delivers significant cost benefits as an offshore partner to businesses from North America and Europe looking to outsource research projects. Our analysts work from Bangalore, India, and are highly trained in handling large volume projects in a time-bound manner.

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Predictive Analytics Services Offere
By Research Optimus

  • Data Preparation

    We will log and check data for overall accuracy, cleaning it, if necessary, before use.

  • Principal Component Analysis

    Using this method we can effectively analyze and understand the key components in the operation of your business.

  • Data Layout and Quality Checking

    We will gather data and ensure it is clean and of high quality for future analysis.

  • Pattern Recognition

    We analyze data in your industry and your business to create models that present patterns that can be used in the decision making process.

  • Customer Analytics

    We will research and analyze customer data according to your specific needs.

  • Decision Trees

    We will generate data-based diagrams for quick and easy decision making.

  • Trend Analysis

    We will analyze large data sets to identify and analyze trends related to your industry, from customer behavior to the movement of the decision-making financial sector.

  • Segmentation

    We can create groups out of different types of data that correlates to your industry and the types of predictive analysis you need.

  • Customer Intelligence

    We will gather data that represents your ideal customer demographic and gather key pieces of intelligence from it.

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