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Supply chains are organizational systems generally related to the movement of products/goods, but it may also involve people, technology, resources, or even information. Throughout a supply chain there are opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency. There may even be opportunities for product re-entry. These can all be uncovered via supply chain analytics.

What Are Supply Chain Analytics?

Supply chain analytics are a mathematical strategy to identify issues and strengths in your supply chain and management system. These analytics may be used for a number of different purposes. For example, it can help you identify dead stock, or predict where an increase in stock may be necessary due to predictive modeling and demand.

The idea is that your company will know in advance trends within the data, as well as individual and group performance, overall supply chain management efficacy, and more. Through supply chain analytics, your company will find solutions that will help them better manage their inventory and improve profitability and organization within the company. Research Optimus has extensive experience in providing supply chain analytics. For more information about how our analytical services can help you achieve your goals, contact Research Optimus today.

Outsource Your Supply Chain Analytics

Few companies have the resources on staff to perform advanced supply chain analytics and identify issues with their supply chain management. Fewer still have a team of skilled workers to perform it effectively. At Research Optimus, we work with the supply chain departments at countless organizations to help them better manage their resources.

When you partner with us, you'll get the benefit of working with truly advanced talent. We have all of the expertise necessary to provide you with the complex calculations you need, including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Crosstab, Logistic Regression, ANOVA, Chi–square, Time Series analysis, Pareto Chart, Conjoint Analysis, discriminant analysis, Correlations, and MANOVA. We have all of the necessary software platforms, including SAS, SPSS, R, and Microsoft Excel, and we're more than happy to prove to you why so many companies have chosen us for their supply chain analytics needs.

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Our Supply Chain Analytics Services

Our goal is to provide you with everything your company needs related to supply chain analytics. We provide the following services and are proud to discuss your specific needs to improve your supply chain organization or outlook:

  • Data Preparation

    We will log and check data for overall accuracy and clean it if necessary before use in analyzing your supply chain.

  • Pattern Recognition

    We analyze supply chain data in your industry and your business to create models that present patterns that can be used in the decision-making process to improve efficiency.

  • Decision Trees

    We will generate data based diagrams for quick and easy decision-making within your supply chains.

  • Segmentation

    We can create groups out of different types of data that correlate to your industry.

  • Principle Component Analysis

    Using this method we can effectively analyze and understand the key components in the operation of your business and its supply chains.

  • Customer Analytics

    We will research and analyze customer data according to your specific needs and how your supply chain can adapt to improve key metrics.

  • Trend Analysis

    We will analyze large data sets to identify and analyze trends related to your industry, from customer behavior to the movement of financial sector.

  • Customer Intelligence

    We will gather data that represents your ideal customer demographic and gather key pieces of intelligence from it.

  • Data Layout and Quality Checking

    We will gather data and ensure it is clean and of high quality for future analysis.

We promise complete confidentiality and a commitment to your satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more.



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