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Data analysis is a crucial part of any business. But not all data is found in numerical form. That is why many companies decide to employ text analytics – a method of analyzing text-based information using tools that recognize both the commonalities and frequency of text-based data.

Text based analytics can best be described as text turned into data. By stripping words of their meaning and utilizing analysis tools, companies can look into large amounts of information, extract relevant information points, recognize patterns, calculate any frequently used words or distributions, group data, and even use data mining techniques to uncover crucial information that may otherwise have been missed.

Text analytics can be used for a variety of purposes, such as competitive research and intelligence, records management, natural language and semantics, ad placement and semantics and much, much more. In short, it can be an immensely powerful tool for businesses in all industries attempting to better understand complex data sets.

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Performing Text Analytics Services

At Research Optimus, we pride ourselves on our ability to use text analytics to discover information that can help you gain a competitive advantage or better take care of your records and data. We use SPSS, SPSS Text mining, Speech Mining , SAS, R, & MS Excel to help ensure that your organization has correctly identified any key information that may be relevant, and are more than happy to provide our text analytics services to any industry or field.

With expertise in pattern recognition, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, understanding the Voice of the Customer, affinity analysis, decision trees, understanding the willingness to pay from the customer for the support or service and we're positive that we can correctly analyze any and all data and supply you with the information that your company needs to get itself ahead.

Items We Offer Within Our Text Analytics Service

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Using mostly speech data, we will mine opinions from key demographics and existing customers to understand how people feel about your products, services and brand.

  • Data Preparation

    We measure and improve the readiness and preparedness of your databases for analysis.

  • Customer Analytics

    We perform research that uncovers customer behaviors and habits and then use text analytics to deduce important data from a large set of information.

  • Pattern Recognition

    We perform advanced pattern and trend location within data to better understand the results presented.

  • Trend Analysis

    We use cutting edge statistical tools to recognize trends within text analytics and traditional data.

  • Segmentation

    We look for clear segments within the data and separate it to ensure there is an efficient, effective means of generating data for your company.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Through the use of data uncovered by customer analytics we can better understand your customers and how they are likely to act in the future.

  • Principal Component Analysis

    Using factor analysis, we separate principle components in your data and then provide you with key findings that will help in decision making.

  • Data Layout and Quality Checking

    We ensure the quality and presentation of data within a database for optimal results.

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