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In many industries, there are certain actions you can take early in the process of developing a new product or service that will catapult you ahead of the competition and gain a strong position in the market. In the pharmaceutical industry it is especially important to solicit the feedback and endorsement of key opinion leaders in the field. This can make a significant difference in the efficacy of your next marketing campaign.

To learn more about how Research Optimus facilitates the acquisition of key data from key opinion leaders in pharmaceuticals, medical research and other related industries, contact us today and ask about key opinion leaders research services.

The Importance of Contacting Key Opinion Leaders

There are a number of steps in the drug development process that can benefit from the presence and feedback of key opinion leaders. To start, it helps to have such people on board to provide vital feedback. Leaders in cardiac research, for example, can be a huge benefit when developing a new drug for post–heart surgery therapies. Advocacy is also a major boon in the drug development phase -- helping to acquire funding within the company and to ensure proper patenting and review of the drug later in its life cycle.

Having these key opinion leaders available can be the difference between a drug that never gains traction and one that eventually makes its way onto the market.

Key Opinion Leader Profiling

Our KPO research specialists provide in–depth data related to target KOL's within your field of pharmaceuticals and medicine. We will provide important data related to your target demographic and then cross–check it against potential KOL's in the field and help you contact them to gather more useful data. This includes gathering:

  • Full Name of the Physician
  • Address
  • Qualifications
  • Current Position
  • Research Activities
  • National Association Memberships
  • Awards
  • Previous or Current Advisory Roles with Other Pharmaceutical Companies

This data will help you determine which people to contact and how they might help in the process.

Important Parts of the Process

When developing a database of potential key opinion leaders, we can provide services related to the following aspects of the process:

  • Medical Research

    We perform in-depth medical research, led by trained medical doctors and researchers, to understand who will best fit your particular needs

  • Patents

    We can perform research on existing or pending patents, and obtain the names of the authors of those patents and more.

  • KOL Sources

    We maintain a working database of KOL sources and use it to generate an ideal list for your development process.

  • Database Creation

    We create a new database to fit the specific needs of your KOL search that will help not only now but for future KOL needs.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

    While the use of key opinion leaders is important in many industries, it is in pharmaceuticals that it garners the greatest advantage. Our researchers are well versed in every major pharmaceutical company in the industry.

To learn more about our full range research services related to finding key opinion leaders, contact us today and ask to talk to one of our research specialists.

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