Numerical Data Mining

Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading provider of white-label numerical data mining services to global research agencies, pharmaceutical firms, and medical enterprises.

Our services are designed to represent pharmaceutical data numerically that streamlines the recording process and allow for faster, more efficient, and universal testing of chemical structures for our clients.

ROP is located in Bangalore, India. Thanks to our highly trained researchers, flexible engagement plans, and cost-effective solutions, we are the preferred outsourcing partner for MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5000 companies located across the USA, Europe, and Australia who choose to offshore their data mining projects to us. .

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Our Numerical
Data Mining Process


We use specially designed software, often with customizations to fit your specific needs, to start gathering data from web pages and other data sources you provide


We then convert that data to the format you need - whether in a custom database we have created or a text file or spreadsheet.


We use techniques such as clustering, decision trees, or neural networks to address issues in analyzing and grouping the data into a format that makes it easily digestible by the research staff.

Why Choose ROP for Outsourcing
Numerical Data Mining Services?

  • We employ only the best informaticians in the field and offer exceptional numerical data mining services to our customers at affordable pricing.

  • We have developed several customized tools to sort through the massive pool of data presented by recent medical research and can gather the vital points you need for your research.

  • Our experts offer exceptional service since they have been working in the medical field for many years and have in-depth, hands-on experience.

  • We can customize the process to your specific needs, so you need not worry about looking for specialists anywhere else.

Numerical Data Mining

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Whatever your numerical data mining needs are, talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today and see we can help you save more while fulfilling your research requirements.

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