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Research Optimus (ROP) offers white-label pharma research services to research firms and pharmaceutical companies to analyze competitors' pricing strategies and internal cost structures for pharma products.

In-depth pharma research helps our clients get a better understanding of opportunities for strategic breakthroughs involving new products, joint ventures, and optimized supply chains. We also provide a regular review of pharmaceutical patents to discover new business opportunities.

Our office is located in Bangalore, India. Research firms and pharma sector clients from across North America, Europe, and Australia choose to offshore their research to us for the significant cost-savings and premium-quality services we provide.

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Our Pharma Research Services

We provide customized research services for pharmaceutical industry clients. Here are some of the primary services offered by ROP:

  • Competitive Intelligence for Pharma

    ROP provides updated competitor information around two major concerns of drug development – market position and clinical challenges.

  • Industry Reports

    We prepare pharmaceutical industry insights with content such as market forecasts and trends, PEST analysis, market size, customer segmentation, and major players.

  • Human Pharmaceuticals Reports

    We analyze the human pharmaceutical sector with insights related to sales analysis, recent developments, major trends, and detailed data regarding therapeutic areas that include cardiovascular, oncology, neuroscience, and endocrine.

  • Competitive Analysis

    We analyze the competition and how your business is stacking up with SWOT analysis, competitor benchmarking, market share analysis, patent review, pricing strategies, sales splits, company profiles, and product pipelines.

  • Market Entry Research

    We help you prepare for entering new pharmaceutical markets by reviewing market entry barriers, market share concentration, competitive landscape, operating conditions, cost structure benchmarks, and key success factors.

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  • Presentation and Report Support

    We produce specialized presentations such as information memorandums, pitch books, and investor presentations.

  • Key Opinion Leaders

    ROP identifies key opinion leaders, develops a comprehensive profile that includes pertinent background data, and creates a database.

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  • Market Landscape

    ROP helps Pharma companies in developing business strategies based on market sizing, segmentation, KDA, UNA, and market overview analysis.

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  • Macroeconomic Reports

    ROP looks at relevant macroeconomic indicators for the pharma sector such as consumer and government spending.

  • Animal Health Reports

    ROP reports on national and international markets for veterinary medicines, major diseases, primary products, sales analysis, new developments, and animal science market trends.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    ROP integrates a wide range of pharma sector operating metrics that are customized for your decision-makers in various departments.

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  • Technological Updates

    ROP helps you stay up-to-date with regular updates about technological innovations, technologies used by your competitors, and relevant news about technology developments and trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Drug Regulation Reports

    ROP reviews current and planned legislation impacting the pharma sector. This includes examining FDA announcements and conducting intellectual property rights research.

  • Primary Research

    ROP conducts primary quantitative and qualitative research such as mystery shopping, mail surveys, expert interviews, online surveys, questionnaires, and interviews of pharma sector competitors and customers.

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  • Intellectual Property and Open Innovation

    ROP provides valuable decision-making information for open innovation strategies by technology landscape analysis and patent benchmarking.

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  • Market Forecast Analysis

    Our market forecast analysis services include multi-layer forecasting, modeling of historical patient data, reconciliation, and in-depth analysis.

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  • Global Health Map

    We examine the global status of factors such as political developments, infectious diseases, and available treatments.

  • Biotech Industry Reports

    We assess the current state of the biotech market, major drugs, primary players, sales analysis, recent trends, and predictions for the biotech sector.

  • Pharma Analytics

    We help you to integrate big data analytics including numerical and web data mining, clustering and diversity analysis, data reports with impactful images and graphs, and clinical trial data management services.

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  • Sales Analysis

    ROP enables you to effectively examine sales data at all levels by producing customized reports that include images, statistics, and graphs to summarize sales results for product groups, geographical areas, and at the corporate level.

  • Site Identification

    Research Optimus analyzes and identifies proposed sites for production and research sites. This includes SWOT analysis and identification of local partners.

  • Drug Reports

    ROP publishes customized reports that can encompass patent expiration, comparable drugs produced by competitors, product updates, historical sales analysis, pricing history, and cost structure.

  • Over-the-Counter Drugs Reports

    ROP reviews market conditions for the OTC drug market by analyzing trends, new developments, individual product sales, key players, and product overview.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    ROP provides an overview of your company's current product portfolio that includes both news and competitor benchmarking.

  • Patent Landscape Analysis

    ROP reviews patents and patent law developments with a special view towards creating an effective database, expiration dates, patent searches, patent drafting, revenue implications, patent regulations, and patent prosecutions.

  • M&A Support

    ROP can help you prepare for M&A requirements with valuations, capital structure analysis, LBO and DCF models, synergy analysis, market screening, and due diligence support.

  • Early Phase Research

    ROP assesses pharma sector start-ups with analysis that includes reporting requirements, forecasts, predictions, and evaluations.

  • Medical Writing Services

    We provide medical writing expertise for specialized content such as executive summaries, sales training, journal articles, slide presentations, clinical study reports, scientific manuscripts, scientific literature research, and white papers.

Pricing and Engagement

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality System

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Project Security

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Helping Pharma Clients throughout the World

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly operating in a global business arena — Research Optimus has the international and foreign-language expertise to help you in both developed and developing nations, as an established offshore research partner.

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