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One of the leading white-label Competitor Analysis service providers, Research Optimus (ROP) is recognized worldwide for the wide array of competitor analysis services it offers. We are the chosen outsourcing research provider of research firms, businesses, and marketers who’d like to stay updated with competitor insights.

Our white-label services help research agencies and businesses in the science and medical domains get the required insights from clinical data, web data, and profiling of major voices in the field to drive scientific research.

We have a diverse team of researchers operating out of our Bangalore office in India. Contact us to know why we are the offshore partner of choice for global MNC, SMEs, and startups like you.

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Our Scientific Data Mining Offerings

Research Optimus offers a diverse portfolio of competitor analysis services which include the following:

  • Outsourcing competitor analysis to ROP allows you to learn from your competitor’s failures and avoid the mistakes that they have made.
  • We also provide survival analysis services and can outline or collate data using the following methods:
  • We also provide survival analysis services and can outline or collate data using the following methods:
  • We can gather data from any source you have available, create a custom CRF database and enter data into it using our multi-entry methods to minimize errors and ensure clean data.
  • ROC Curve
  • Meta-analysis
  • Reliability (Kappa test
    and Intra-class correlation)
  • Sample size
  • Design of CRF in
  • Data Entry
  • Data Validation
    and Cleaning
  • Report Writing
  • We also offer data validation as part of all database creation services or as a secondary service for any existing database for which you need it completed.
  • Report writing is a service we offer to companies that want to take the collected data and present it in a specific way.

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Whether you need basic scientific data mining services to gather key information related to your study or whether you need someone to enrich existing data with profile and personal information, talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today and ask about our scientific research services.

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