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Research Optimus (ROP) is a globally recognized provider of white-label scientific research support services to research agencies, healthcare companies, and medical firms.

Our affordable scientific research services are designed to deliver a delicate balance among profiling, web mining, data collection, and publishing tasks.

We provide our customers based in the USA, Europe, and Australia with the right amount of flexibility without sacrificing quality and accuracy. We are powered by a highly trained scientific research team with impeccable professional credentials. To know why MNCs, SMEs, and startups choose us as their offshore research partner for scientific research, contact us today.

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Our Scientific Research Services

Research Optimus has been part of the scientific research community since 2002 — here are five of our proprietary scientific research support services:

  • Scientific Data Mining

    We provide comprehensive data entry, data validation and cleaning, data mining, and survival analysis services.

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  • Image Annotation

    We offer customizable factors for the classification of scientific images including annotations like Big crystal(s), Small crystal(s), micro crystal(s), etc.

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  • Structural Biology

    Our research team works with cutting-edge equipment and brings years of hands-on scientific experience to handle structural biology needs that encompass Protein Production and Crystallization, Fragment Screening, and X-ray Crystallography.

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  • Life Science Informatics

    We help improve the practice of medicine with the deployment of informatics to compare treatments, identify social correlates of health and evaluate health policy changes.

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  • Crystallography

    Our research capabilities extend to image scoring for crystal precipitates (and more) and the result annotation can be customized to your specific needs and presented in a format of your choice.

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Why Choose Research Optimus for Scientific Research Services

Here are four key benefits of working with ROP as a scientific research partner:

We offer data enrichment services to fill in the "missing blanks" that can often be present in initial results when data points are missing.

We have more than a decade of experience with meeting and exceeding ISO quality standards. This combination of experience and expertise means that your project is in good hands from start to finish.

Our team has perfected the appropriate combinations of informatics and research systems needed by scientists within private industry, pharmaceutical companies, and medical research enterprises for effective scientific experiments.

We provide the right balance between fast turnaround and high quality. We always observe industry best practices to ensure that analysis and reporting will meet and exceed your expectations for accuracy.

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To help you fill in any of the remaining blanks in your decision to outsource scientific
research, start with a global research industry leader — Research Optimus.

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