How to Get Key Opinion Leaders in Your Database

In the development of a new pharmaceutical drug, you need to gather together a large number of key opinion leaders who can provide insights, advocate for the development of the drug and be instrumental in the eventual marketing of that drug. But, how do you find these key opinion leaders, and more importantly how do you get them into your database, so you can freely contact them throughout the development process.

Finding Key Opinion Leaders in Your Field

There are millions of high qualified doctors and scientists around the globe that might fit the specific needs of the new drug you are developing. Unfortunately, however, this does not mean you can find them easily. There is not a bulletin board where you can post that you need someone (and if there were, you probably would not want to use it).

However, there are services that can actively seek out and prequalify KOLs in your field for future consultation, lecturing and the running of clinical trials. There are a few prerequisites for doing this. You must know exactly what type of expertise you are looking for including the medical degree, experience in clinical testing previous KOL positions held, lectures and papers given in recent years about the topic, and their experience with drugs in the family you are developing from.

This information allows you to start building a database filled with information about key opinion leaders in your industry. From there, the next step is to start further qualifying them, which can be done after they are admitted into the database and screened for the right data. You might change your needs over time too, which is why it is so important to establish a good database initially, so it will be what you need later.

Finding The Right Thought Leaders for Your Next Project

A KOL has a number of responsibilities. They are hired to give lectures on the possible benefits of a new drug, the research being done on that drug (to acquire funding) and the uses of that drug, both prior to and after FDA approval. Their role then is as educator and advocate, meaning they need to be well respected in their field, have experience doing both of these roles and have the necessary expertise related to the drug you are developing to make a convincing and effective point person.

The research, study and contacting of these individuals is a major undertaking; one that some pharmaceutical companies devote entire wings of their business to and that can make or break the development of a new drug. So, for this reason, you can imagine how important it is to develop a database that includes only those people you would actively want to be involved in the process and that would make a good fit with your target audience of politicians, medical doctors and investors.

Keeping these things in mind, take the process of finding and contacting KOL’s very seriously as it can be a major step for your current project.

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