Financial Modeling for American Buy-side
Market Advisory Firm

About the Client – An American
Buy-side Market Advisory Firm

The client is a buy-side consulting and advisory service provider. Based in the US, the client has a plethora of financial research, analysis, and reporting services. With a team of the financial market, the client’s firm is a specialist in evaluating investment opportunities, identifying acquisition candidates, market analysis, and designing acquisition strategies.

The client assists private equity firms, independent entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates with financial advice and investment decision. The client has craved their name with the reliability and accuracy of their business cash flow calculations for investors and new market entrants. With over 20 years of industry presence, our client has been offering utmost advisory benefits to the stakeholders in the form of borrower representation, lender representation, and portfolio company representation.

Requirements for Financial Research and Financial Modeling

The client was handling a financial advisory project that involved creating an investment plan. For this, they required the financial model on the basis of the ABL revolving credit facility, which would give them sufficient pointers to approach and apply for an appropriate financing system.

Learning about Research Optimus’s (ROP) financial research service capability from the web, the client approached us for the project. The project requirement was for a detailed financial model taking the asset-based lending values.

The Challenges that our
Analysts Overcame

This financial modeling project didn’t pose much of the challenges before our team of analysts except the time taken to get the domain knowledge and collating data from credible sources. Once the process outline for the project got finalized, it was a simple project to complete and deliver.

Financial Modeling Process Followed for This Project

The process for this financial modeling project was as follows:

  • Once the requirements were clearly discussed and noted, ROP formed a team of two senior financial analysts to work on the project.
  • Our analysts started working on the financial modeling project. The analysts documented all the asset-based lending data such as inventory, property, marketable securities, etc. to develop the financial model.
  • After a thorough internal review of the conditions, the final model was sent to the client.

Project Takeaways - Timely Delivery and Accuracy of Project Data

The client appreciated the efforts of Research Optimus’s financial research team. The proactive communication asking the questions around the objective was the biggest reason the client thanked the team. Adherence to the project timeline, competitive project cost, and accuracy of the deliverable were some of the major takeaways for the client. For any requirements specific to financial modeling, investment research, credit research, and more contact us.


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