Patent Research – Compulsory Economics for Organizations

Patent research involves checking to make sure an idea has not already been claimed by another party. Although this may be time–consuming to do, it is an essential part of developing and marketing new products. Infringing on a patent could result in lawsuits that are financially devastating, especially for small business owners. For this reason, the cost of hiring someone to do patent research could be a sound investment that will ensure a company's future success.

How is it Performed?

Before performing patent research, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the product that is being developed. After doing so, a patent researcher may try to develop a list of key words that describe this product to make it easier to search through patent databases. Once this is accomplished, research can be done by visiting the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is found at

During an internet search, patent researchers may find similar products that already have patents issued or that have had patents applied for. These results need to be carefully examined to see if they are the same as those currently being developed by a company. After carefully looking through these results, additional research may be necessary via the Internet.

Why is it Needed?

The most obvious reason for performing patent research is that companies need to make sure their ideas are unique. It is also important for them to use only original ideas when developing trademarks. With the enormous amount of intellectual property available, it can be very easy to infringe on a copyright or patent without realizing it. If an idea has already been patented, a company will not benefit financially from continuing to develop it themselves. Should it be discovered that a product already has a patent, its development can be halted before too many financial resources have been invested.

Companies also perform patent research to keep up with what competitors are doing. Knowing what patents have been applied for gives executives insight into the direction their competition is heading. It can also provide an analysis of market trends, which can be useful in developing sales strategies. Potential investment opportunities can be spotted early on, and getting in on the ground floor of a unique opportunity can result in greater profits as a result of this investment.

Who Performs Research?

Sole proprietors, partnerships, and large corporations all perform patent research. Companies who are in the business of developing new products may do so on a continual basis, while small business owners may only need to do this occasionally. Individuals and partnerships normally outsource this work to a private company, but many corporations have patent research specialists on staff to perform this function.

Patent research can be expensive, however, not doing patent research can be even more expensive. Keeping up with patents and trademarks in a particular industry can help business owners gain a competitive edge while making sure they do not violate intellectual property laws.

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