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Research Optimus (ROP) provides unbiased and accurate white label credit market research services to research agencies worldwide. Outsourcing credit research tasks to ROP is a prudent strategy that can save time and money while improving credit research quality. This is why several Fortune 5000 companies choose to partner with us.

ROP has the research and data mining expertise needed to keep you up-to-date about credit spreads in different geographical locations and investment categories.

Our team is based in Bangalore, India. In addition to research firms, we also serve as the offshore research partner of MNCs, SMEs, and startups located across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Our Credit Market Research Service Portfolio

To give you a working idea of the specific credit market research services provided by Research Optimus, here are additional details about how we can help:

  • Corporate Credit Analysis

    ROP provides multiple variations of corporate credit analysis like issuer, thematic and regional research encompassing corporate, infrastructure, and project finance bond obligations.

  • Covered Bonds

    ROP examines sovereign credit opinions and issuer details in this specialized bond market sector that is similar to asset-backed securities.

  • Weekly Bond Picks

    ROP publishes a weekly forecast featuring investment recommendations such as the best-performing bonds.

  • Emerging Markets Service

    ROP covers "all the bases" by assembling outlook and analysis of all major emerging markets.

  • Business Fundamentals Analysis

    ROP analyzes issuers by examining fundamental operations such as performance relative to competitors and industry trends.

  • Tailored Customer Service

    ROP can customize customer service support for your specific needs.

  • Mid Cap Bond Analysis

    ROP offers mid cap credit research services that focus on risk analysis, spreads, and credit history for corporate bonds issued by medium-sized companies.

  • Public Finance Analysis

    ROP provides detailed ratings coverage and analysis of this growing bond market sector.

  • Monthly Default Report

    ROP has access to comprehensive default and credit databases and analyzes pertinent default analytics.

  • Company and Sector Research

    ROP compiles a detailed analysis of specific companies and industries, both regionally and globally. Our specific company profiles help you comply fully with due diligence requirements.

  • Detailed Debt Analysis

    ROP reviews all debt-related factors such as liquidity, debt coverage, and leverage for past, present, and future periods.

  • Structured Finance

    ROP is experienced in all aspects of the project finance area and can prepare detailed credit research reports that cover deal and program-specific analysis regarding structured finance debt obligations.

  • Quantitative Market Ratings

    ROP translates price information from the bond, CDS, loan, and equity markets into quantitative ratings that serve as a practical measurement of credit quality.

  • Legal and Regulatory Research

    ROP keeps you up-to-date regarding new and projected regulations and reporting standards.

  • Methodology Commentary

    ROP explains and comments about methodologies used during the credit rating process.

  • Cash Flow Analysis

    ROP evaluates cash flow and includes debt-like contractual commitments that will impact debt coverage and cash positions during the next five years.

  • Sovereign Key Indicators

    ROP produces macroeconomic indicators and ratios that facilitate a detailed comparison among developing and industrialized nations.

  • Market Updates

    ROP issues updates on structured finance deals, market trends, legal developments, newly issued bonds, and rating methodology on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

  • Banking Research

    ROP provides advance warning based on detected credit deterioration when analyzing banking institutions.

  • Rating Advisory

    ROP can supply research support that includes proprietary rating models and analysis tools that will make your credit research stand apart from your competition.

  • Scenario Analysis

    ROP bond market models can analyze a spectrum of bull and bear cases that impact cash flow risks and enterprise value.

Your Credit Market Research Benefits — Working with the Research Optimus Team

When you select Research Optimus as your credit research partner, here are five primary benefits you will receive:

We have an established track record of providing unbiased and independent credit research — ROP is skilled in all aspects of credit research services and already has a fully staffed team of experts. This allows you to easily obtain accurate and unbiased research.

We work in the background while you work with your clients — By selecting ROP to perform time-consuming and labor-intensive credit research services, you will free up more time to spend with clients and perform high-priority activities like business development.

We are a global credit research provider — ROP works throughout the world and provides international expertise that will facilitate more global investment opportunities for you and your clients.

Our services will allow you to save time and money without reducing credit research quality — The combination of ROP's cost-effective pricing and expert research team allow you to improve your bottom line and simultaneously enhance the quality of credit research.

We often provide a "time-zone benefit" that facilitates overnight results as needed — ROP is experienced in working with internal research departments that often have a short time frame to complete assignments with a lean staff. Because of our location, many credit research requests can be completed with an overnight turnaround.

How Important Is Credit Research
to Your Business Success?

If you are looking for ways to improve credit research market services without adding to your internal staff, Research Optimus is a practical and cost-effective solution.

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