Extensive Primary Research and Macroeconomics Report on Financial Technology Industry
in UK and America

The Client – Research and
Business Advisory Firm

The client is a research firm and is focused on a variety of topics related to political, commercial, security, and economic issues involving the United Kingdom and the United States. The client’s team at Washington assists, when needed to British nationals based in the following areas: District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

Furthermore, the client organization is committed to advocating trade and investment between the United Kingdom and the United States, fostering a prosperous economic relationship that profits both nations. The role of the client organization is to keep track of the information important to the developments related to politics, and economy. Services, including notarial and documentary services, are also provided to British nationals residing in the appropriate consular districts.

Requirements for the
Market Research Project

Research Optimus (ROP) was approached by the client to conduct a market research survey of the UK and US financial technology firms. Being a premier research and analytics service provider with several years of experience, ROP was the choice for the client because of its past projects including the collection of business-critical information to high profile clients across various industry verticals.

Challenges Faced by Our
Research Team at Research Optimus

Our biggest initial challenge was adhering to the client’s tight deadline. With such a sensitive client, we needed to be able to complete thorough market research with a trustworthy team, and deliver results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Detailed Market Research
Survey Process

For this particular project, our team planned a phase by phase process to meet the client’s expectation and deadline:

  • We set up an Initial consultation with the client’s team to finalize the primary research questionnaire.
  • The next step involved creating a list of companies we would need to target for the survey.
  • The third step in the step-wise process is conducting primary interviews and collecting relevant data.

End Benefits for Both the Parties

All the updates required by the client including the interim updates were delivered to the client, who was completely satisfied with the results. Research Optimus’s primary market research team completed the project well within the expected timeline, and the client signed a running contract for the similar requirement for a longer duration.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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