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A crucial part of running a successful finance company is the ability to develop financial statements for analyzing and reporting to customers and investors. Many companies find that they haven't carefully monitored their investments, and find the reporting process to be cumbersome and complex. Without fully understanding the return on everything your company invests in, you could be spending your money inefficiently, losing out on potential opportunities, or reporting inaccurate information to your customers.

Financial analysis is the best method of analyzing and reporting financial statements. Your customers are looking for the best possible ROI, or "return on investment." With financial statement analysis, your company can judge and report where it currently stands in terms of ROI for its customers/investors.

Research Optimus has extensive experience in providing financial analysis and financial statement analysis. For more information about how we can help you achieve your goals, contact Research Optimus today.

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What Does Financial Analysis Do?

Financial statement analysis looks directly into your current financial data to calculate ROI. We use your financial statements to calculate ROI ratios, and compare them against other companies in your industry, as well as how your current finances match up against historical data.

The goal is to discover numerical values that indicate whether or not your company is as efficient with their finances and as profitable as possible. With financial analysis, you'll also get an idea of the liquidity of each investment, and find out how often and how easily your company is turning over money in a way that creates profit.

Financial statement analysis requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge in looking at complex numbers and parceling out the correct ratios. That's why you should join the dozens of other leading companies that have outsourced their financial analysis work to Research Optimus.

Research Optimus employs only trained professionals with proven experience working with financial statement analysis. We know how important it is to present to your customers an accurate representation of your liquidity and ROI.

Aspects of Our Financial Analysis

Research Optimus uses the following methods and tools to develop accurate financial statement analysis for our customers:

Income Statement (Profit & Loss Account):

We analyze the income statements of your company over a period of time to provide in-depth data for current revenue and to compare it to the past.


We measure liquidity in your business and how it affects your income and the overall financial situation.


We evaluate how much profit potential is in your business and how it can be presented or improved in an efficient way.

Liquidity Ratios:

We analyze the ratio of liquidity in your company to your short-term debts and provide analysis of the implication for investors.

Efficiency Ratios

We analyze how well your company uses its assets from financial statement analysis.

Profitability Ratios:

We perform an assessment of your company's ability to generate profit with areas for possible improvement highlighted and expanded upon.

Dividend Yield:

We accurately measure and present the return on investment offered by stocks.

Net Working Capital Ratio:

We analyze how your net working capital ratio affects operations and whether it is a strong benefit or something to be improved upon.

Return on Equity (ROE):

We help you provide a very important data point that your customers want to know: how much money do you make with money invested by your shareholders?

Earnings Per Share (EPS):

We can analyze how much of your profit is devoted to outstanding shares and present this data to shareholders in financial reports

Assets Turnover Ratio:

We can analyze how many sales are generated for each dollar worth of assets you hold and what this means for shareholders.

Turnover Ratio:

We analyze and breakdown the percentage of funds that have been replaced by new funds from quarter to quarter.

Market to Book Ratio:

We use modern business valuation techniques to determine the actual value of your company compared to the book value.

The Research Optimus Difference

Research Optimus has a dedicated team of talented financial analysts who are experienced in providing all of the above services. We are a chosen partner for many financial companies who seek our help to calculate all of these ratios and more. If you work with us, you will receive:

  • The most competitive costs in the industry (to keep your return investment even higher)

  • A dedicated, manager to oversee your research project backed by friendly, knowledgeable customer support.

  • Complete confidentiality at a secure location with modern, high-security installation.

  • Timely and efficient work that is guaranteed to provide you with the numbers you need.

There's a reason that so many companies have turned to us for their financial analysis needs. We are a highly-trusted financial statement analysis provider. If you contact us today, you can find out why our affordable rates and award winning service are so sought after by companies all over the world. Talk to our 'analyst on hire' today to get started.



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