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Research Optimus (ROP) is the preferred partner for clients for outsourcing Financial Modeling Services. ROP offers these services to companies of different sizes — including early-stage startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even Fortune 500 companies.

With ROP's comprehensive financial modeling services, companies can streamline several important operational use-cases such as strategizing on day-to-day operations that involve financial matters, make predictable and actionable forecasts, and run thorough financial impact scenarios.

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Why Invest In Financial Modeling

Companies need to invest in financial modeling services for the following reasons:


Valuation of new projects

Determining the value of major projects is important for companies to better understand their return on invested capital for that project and to determine its priority.


Raising finance for new ventures

Financial modeling services can help companies determine how they can structure their financing for new ventures such as new product launches and potential acquisitions.


Forecasting capital needs

Companies should invest in financial modeling because it can give them insight into how much capital they require for a given fiscal period.


For internal decision-making

With financial modeling, companies can create goals for a certain fiscal period that are both realistic and feasible.

Financial Modeling
Services Offered by Research Optimus

ROP offers extensive financial modeling services including:

Discounted Cash Flow Modeling

The team at ROP uses your future earnings projections to create an accurate DCF valuation for your business. ROP provides precise investment values through a discounted cash flow model with the use of a discounted rate.

Pro Forma Financials

ROP is experienced in identifying transactions that are non-recurring and unpredictable and creating thorough reports that only include earnings that companies can expect to make again. Clients will have a better idea of where their earnings are coming from and whether they can expect these earnings again.

Financial Feasibility and Analysis

The team at ROP can help companies better identify the sources of capital that they can continuously rely on. They can gauge how much capital they require for certain ventures and the return on investment that can be expected.

Merger and Acquisition Modeling

ROP helps companies get actionable insights into their potential M&A deals so decision-makers can get a better idea of whether or not a deal is truly worth pursuing.

Option Pricing Modeling

The team at ROP determines options contracts valuations with the use of index prices, expected dividends, option expiration timelines, and current prices. Clients will be able to acquire a precise option pricing model based on very complex mathematical evaluations that leave very little room for error.

Cash Flow Analysis

ROP uses a three-statement model to compile income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements into one comprehensive model. ROP's modeling presets help ensure that this three-statement model is delivered fast and accurately.

Market Research

ROP delivers actionable market information and financial insights for companies to better leverage their position. ROP's market research team also makes use of foreign language experts to gauge how their clients can enter foreign markets successfully.

Capital Formation Strategy

ROP is experienced in helping companies identify all of their capital sources. Clients get a good idea of where their current capital sources are and identify potential future sources.

Business Valuation Analysis

ROP helps companies determine how much their company is truly worth based on a holistic study of all of their financial data.

Credit Rating Modeling

ROP’s team of experts knows exactly what factors determine a company's credit rating and they use advanced evaluation processes so clients get a clear credit valuation model. This helps companies gain access to funding through structured loans and lines of credit.

Benefits of Investing in Financial Modeling

There are numerous benefits to working with financial modeling consulting firms.

  • Companies and their decision-makers will be able to model the financial impact of strategic business decisions such as their investments, new ventures, and hiring new staff.

  • They will also be able to know the current state of their business and make accurate forecasts for the future growth potential of their business.

  • With the help of precise and accurate financial models, companies can mitigate risks and make more careful spending decisions.

  • Companies will be able to monitor their actual performance against a forecasted budget.


Why work
with Research Optimus

ROP is the ideal choice among financial modeling companies because

  • It offers competitive rates to ensure that your company gets the best value.
  • It offers competitive rates to ensure that your company gets the best value.
  • ROP makes use of an expert team of financial analysis from all over the world as well as state-of-the-art technology and tools.
  • ROP's consulting services come with custom solutions to accommodate unique client needs to handle any scenario.

Additional Information

ROP works on an agile basis to better suit our clients’ unique requirements.

Pricing & Engagement

ROP offers flexible pricing to provide the best value. Dedicated resources are provided for ongoing projects to give clients truly custom solutions.

Quality Systems

An ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard is maintained to guarantee service excellence.

Project Security

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is in place for all projects so that our clients' data remains private and confidential.

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