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Research Optimus’ team of financial modeling consultants takes a meticulous approach to financial modeling services, providing unique outside perspectives of your company’s financial standing. As a financial modeling consultant firm with extensive experience, ROP’s team of specialists undertakes financial modeling and analysis for companies of all sizes in all industrial sectors. These financial models are developed according to the company’s base financials and current performance.

As key decision-makers need to-the-point information before financial proceedings, our financial modelers create models that leverage multiple tools and techniques to help them make sense of the plethora of qualitative and quantitative financial data. Make your life easier by letting ROP handle the intricacies of your financial modeling outsourcing.

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Financial Modeling
Services at Research Optimus

Our financial modeling consultants use years of expertise to provide accurate and insightful financial modeling and analysis. At ROP, we provide the following financial modeling services:

  • Cash Flow Analysis: Track Your Cash!

    The three-statement model compiles the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement into one financial model. Also, our financial modeling presets ensure fast and accurate three-statement modeling and analysis.

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  • Option Pricing Model: Recognize Call Options!

    ROP understands the intricacies of the stock exchange. We develop option pricing models based on the index price, expected dividend, expiry of an option, and the current price. Utilizing complex mathematical evaluation, we develop an option pricing model to provide value.

  • Merger and Acquisition Modeling: Plan Your Future!

    We ensure that you get actionable and accurate M&A modeling to extrapolate exactly how a certain merger or acquisition will affect your company. Through thorough analysis, ROP provides the detailed information required to make an informed decision.

  • Credit Rating Model: Rate Above & Beyond!

    ROP’s team is aware of the factors that affect credit rating. Our credit rating models have specific intervals and utilize past data for accurate analysis. Our team uses advanced evaluation processes to develop credit rating models with little to no room for error.

  • Discounted Cash Flow Model: Track the Future!

    Our valuation techniques ensure that you always get an accurate value for your investment based on future cash flows. Using a discount rate, our team provides precise investment values through a well-developed discounted cash flow model.

  • Leveraged Buyout Model: Understand Acquisition!

    ROP understands the need for a good leveraged buyout model in the case of acquisition through debt funding. Our team specializes in creating all-encompassing LBO models in Excel to track and evaluate any LBO transactions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Modeling Services

At ROP, we focus on providing financial modeling services tailored specifically to our clients. By choosing ROP, a leading financial modeling agency, you get the following benefits.

Financial Metrics Interpretation and Visualization:ROP’s financial modeling consulting services will help you better understand your business and its finances and recognize trends for better decision-making.

Scenario Analysis: ROP goes the extra mile to provide a complete overview of how several cost, industry, and economic changes may or may not impact your company, allowing you to develop contingencies beforehand.

Target Forecasting: ROP’s thorough financial modeling and analysis through all-encompassing financial models ensure that you inject the right number of resources to reach your targets.

Decision-making for Small Organizations: Our focused financial models for startups and small businesses help them make the right investment decisions during the initial financial crunch period.

Product and Segment Profit Analysis: ROP’s financial modeling consulting services attain detailed insight into each product and segment’s profitability ratios so that you can determine each product’s profitability under various conditions.

Working Capital Valuation: ROP’s detailed financial valuation models anticipate the amount of working capital needed for improvement and growth, letting you know exactly what amount of investment is needed.

Budgeting: ROP’s team of financial modeling consultants converts your budgeting assumptions to statistical probabilities. Our models ensure you can plan for your company’s future based on actionable data.

Financial Modeling Made Easy
Partnering with Research Optimus

Rather than hiring an expensive financial modeling consultant, it’s best to outsource financial modeling services. As an industry-renowned financial modeling company, we at Research Optimus have an entire team of professional financial modelers with years of experience in developing and analyzing financial models. Let our expertise make your life easier and ensure that you always make informed decisions based on statistically accurate and actionable financial data.

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