Financial Model of 20-year Sock Exchange Data for Critical Investment Decisions

About the Client – A Leading Australian Investor

The client is an investment house based in Australia. Financial consulting and seed investment being their primary business, the client has been an angle investor for a number of startups and mid-size businesses. With over 20 years of presence in the financial sector, the client understands how companies grow over the years and support them with financial as well as advisory assistance. Having invested in the companies in almost all industry verticals, our client has a special interest in getting involved in the growth of niche businesses. It’s their years of experience in understanding the business and their thorough research beforehand has made them one of the successful investment houses.

Requirements – Financial Research and Modeling of Stock Exchange Data

As part of their nature of business, the client wanted to investment in certain high-value stocks and had the requirement of a financial model of the 20-year stock exchange data. After learning about Research Optimus (ROP) and our business valuation, financial risk analysis, and other financial research services from the web, the client approached us with both data collation and financial model of it for their investment decisions.

As the first part of their requirement, the client wanted our analysts to collate data on the following data pointers:

  • Company name with industry details
  • Country of Domicile
  • Country of incorporation
  • Country of primary listing
  • Stock volatility
  • Sharpe ratio
  • Sortino ratio
  • ESG datapoints
    • Sustainalytics rank
    • ESG disclosure score
    • RobecoSAMTotal Sustainability Rank

Also, if the Sortino ratio is not available in any database, then, the client had requested us to calculate that for them.

Change of Scope Was the Challenge that Our Analysists Handled Well

There wasn’t much challenge in this stock exchange data collection and financial modeling project except the change the scope. Initially, the client wanted our team to collate the data from the year 2007 till 2020 and develop the model. However, then the client wanted us to collate data from 2000 till 2020 and prepare the financial model. However, our ream had created a template for data collection and storage at one place for hassle-free modeling. So, with the allocation of an additional resource for data collation of the remaining years, there was no impact on the delivery timeline.

The Financial Modeling Process Followed for This Project

After the initial discussion with the client, the requirements were finalized and our analysts at ROP started working on the project. The process steps were as follows:

  1. 01 Our financial analysts created the database with all the fields specified by the client.
  2. 02With an extensive secondary research, all the required stock exchange data was collected.
  3. 03Our team created the financial model based on the client’s inputs and send that to the client.
  4. 04The client accepted the model and we sent all the support documents as part of our final project deliverable.

The Insightful Financial Model Helped the Client in Taking Key Investment Decisions

Apart from the quality of the data and accuracy of the financial model, the client appreciated ROP’s proactive efforts to meet the agreed timeline irrespective of the change in the project scope. Also, the model analysis report from our analysts in the form of a support document was indeed helpful for the client in their decision-making process. If you are in need of any secondary market research or are looking for precise financial modeling service, contact us.

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