ISO Standards

When you are preparing to undertake a major project that may take months or even years to complete, you need more than just another temporary analyst. You need a full-time equivalent analyst that can work with your company on a dedicated basis for 3, 6, or even 12 months at a time.

Our team is dedicated to providing expertise in every major field of data analysis, research, and analytics, across a large number of fields to ensure when you need someone to join your team for months at a time, we can accommodate.

ROP Follows ISO Standards

Set by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO Standards are a set of guidelines that guide professional organizations in providing high-quality services and products to their customers. For many years, ISO has developed standards that make it possible for companies like yours to know exactly who you are working for and what you can expect in a new project.

ISO Standards include:

  • Monthly Training of at Least 5 Hour
  • High Level of Quality - 99% Achievement Rating
  • Resolution Escalation in 4 Hours or Less
  • Clients Can Access All Error Reports - Full Transparency
  • System Uptime for both Technical and Human Systems 99.5% or Higher

By using these standards as a guideline for how we operate our business, we can assure you that you will always receive the highest quality service in the industry. Not only do we strive to meet ISO standards, but we also strive to exceed them in every aspect of our business from the most basic phone conversation to discuss project details to multi-milestone projects with massive deliverables.

By following ISO Standards, we can guarantee that when you choose us, you will receive:

  • Skilled Workers

    Each of our staff members is highly skilled and continuously trained to improve their skill level in their area of expertise. With new technologies constantly developing in the field of informatics, you need to know whoever is in charge of your project is at the cutting edge.

  • Quick and Efficient Project Completion

    Without cutting corners, our staff members will get your project completed as quickly and as effectively as possible, ensuring minimal wait time and quality results.

  • Top Tier Service

    We want our customers to be happy, so we strive in everything we do to provide top-tier service.

Whether you need someone to analyze complex data sets gathered during a clinical study or whether you need a data mining expert to gather information from industry publications and competitor websites, ROP will work with you to provide expert service every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and how our service staff is specially trained to handle any particular requests you might have.

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