Role of Business Insight Analysts
at Research Optimus

Business Insight Analysts are uniquely equipped to perform analytical research to convert data into information that can be intelligently used by businesses. These insights can be applied toward building strategies, decision making, and supporting decision-making capabilities.

According to independent research firm Forrester, the combined annual revenue of insights-driven businesses will be $1.2 trillion by 2020. Organizations need to utilize their data strategically and uncover the right insights that will help them succeed in their respective market.

Research Optimus (ROP) has carefully assembled a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals for the sole purpose of helping our customers with unique business insights. Those organizations that are looking to acquire specific skill sets that can be applied toward deriving quality insights for their business trust the Business Insights Analysts from ROP.

Analyses that ROP’s Business Insights Analysts Perform

ROP adopts a holistic approach to our Business Insights Analysis process, ensuring that we take an organization’s specific needs, industry, business model, and other factors into account when performing key analyses.

The following are some of our core analyses performed by our Business Insights Analysts:

  • Process Design Analysis

    ROP follows a systematic approach to understanding an organization’s business processes to help create actionable benefits in core areas, such as process efficiency, finance, and human resource allocation.

  • Customer Insight Analysis

    Analyzes and interprets customer behaviors and habits to ensure organizations can establish the effectiveness of a product or service, and increase ROI. Derived from strategic analysis of varied qualitative and quantitative data, and utilizing behavioral analysis and predictive analytics.

  • Marketing and Sales Analysis

    Uncovers commercially pertinent insights, increasing ROI and profitability, and enhances brand perception. Within this sector, analyses include Demand Forecasting, and analyses of market trends, competitors, and pricing.

  • Financial Analysis

    This analysis helps businesses stay profitable, and determines revenue growth, profits, and operational and capital efficiencies. It also evaluates economic trends and supports businesses in developing successful, long-term financial plans.

Business Insights Analysts Skill Sets

Trusted insights built on a foundation of quality data analysis is the core pillar of Research Optimus’s business model. We ensure our team of Business Insights Analysts is equipped with the skillsets needed to translate data into actionable, understandable insights.

Our Business Insights Analysts are selected after a rigorous screening process, and possess the following skill sets:

  • Business Acuity Advanced knowledge of and ability to comprehend the core business needs and communicate with the right analysis and terminologies particular to the industry.
  • Data Analysis Ability to convert data into insights, and use accurate data models to map a business’s analytical needs from abstract data. Knowledge of how data is used across operational source systems within a business, and how it’s eventually utilized by decision makers.
  • Business Insight and Analytics Software Skills Proficiency with Excel for data analysis and with data modeling software, such as Tableau, Visio, and Hadoop, etc. Well versed with various data modeling techniques to create forecasts, projections and also to improve existing models.
  • Business Insights Processes and Methodology Advanced knowledge of the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and how the Business Insights development process works, such as key handovers, how to collaborate with an analytical team, and data governance best practices.

The key positions within Research Optimus’s Business Analytics team and their scope of work:

  • Senior Data Analysts Synthesizes large amounts of data, and provides meaningful, insightful information to Senior Business Insights Analysts. Capable of identifying and presenting trends, patterns, and relationships within data. Contributes to the data governance process, and executes econometrics, predictive modeling, simulation, and statistics. Proficient with data visualization tools such as QlikView, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI. Possesses an MBA in a qualified Data Science discipline, and at least seven years of experience in related fields.
  • Senior Business Insights Analysts Translates analytical findings into trusted business insights, and communicates it directly to the client utilizing cohesive, easily understandable data visualization methods. Background in data analysis, and capable of manipulating data using SQL. Possesses a Master’s degree in quantitative fields such as Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics, with at least eight years of relevant experience.
  • Quality Assurance Testing Analysts (QAT) Develops, implements, and documents testing activities. Analyzes and interprets the test results and helps to develop strategies around the specific project. Checks all analytical tasks for quality and best practices. Possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Statistics, with at least six years of relevant experience.

Customized Business Insights Analysis

Our engagement model is customized to suit all industries, as well as the specific needs of our valued clients. To gain insight and drive business planning, Research Optimus leverages advanced tools, technologies, and personalized analytical methodologies. With customized engagement models and competitive pricing, we help you utilize our team of highly experienced Business Insights Analysts to become an insights-driven business house. Contact us to discuss your business requirements and our business insights analysts engage model.

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