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Research Optimus (ROP) provides information database creation services to help businesses build a more efficient information framework that strengthens their marketing initiatives and decision making. Our analysts help organizations in collecting and organizing customer, competitor, and social media data into information databases that streamline the location, accessibility, and retrieval processes.

ROP assists with highly functional information databases that are optimized for marketing data, including demographics, transaction history, segmentation data, economic data, and more. Being reliable market research and data analysis service provider, companies and entrepreneurs can outsource database creation requirements and benefit from our services. ROP is a specialized market research and financial research service provider, and on offloading your industry-specific marketing requirements, you can be sure to have a purposeful solution based on our internal research and analysis capabilities. To learn more or to discuss with our analysts, contact us.

ROP’s Database Creation Service Range

ROP has a distinctive, customizable service range, drawn from years of exposure to diverse clients and their specific barriers to marketing data accessibility and use:

  • Social Media Database

    ROP builds custom social media information databases from sources like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, which enables businesses to develop marketing strategies based on relevant customer leads across social media.

  • Customer Information Database

    ROP helps companies utilize all available customer data by assembling and organizing demographics, purchase history, acquisition, website activity, app activity, loyalty program, and location data. Different data sources are combined, cleansed, and accurately linked per customer.

  • Competitor Information Database

    ROP gathers a company’s critical competitor data and compiles it into a database for competitive intelligence. Data is assembled according to business directives for reporting, analysis, and communication pulled from sources such as published information regarding customers, suppliers, partners, and more.

  • Business Information Database

    ROP creates business information databases that reduce data inaccuracies and increases data visibility. Maintain better views of financial, customer, product, inventory, supplier, competitor, partner, employee, and trade data from both internal and external sources.

  • B2B Information Database

    ROP aids B2B company marketers in organizing and compiling business activity data into a B2B information database, including prospect data, software license purchase data, customer data from Salesforce, specialty publication data, and more.

Benefits of Opting for ROP’s Business Database Creation Services

Organizations entrust ROP’s database creation experts to develop high-performance customer, business, social media, and competitor, databases that are compatible with their marketing needs:

  • Rapid Queries and Analysis: Ensure your company’s teams can easily locate and retrieve critical marketing data for rapid queries and analysis that positively impacts Business Intelligence.
  • Respond to B2B Marketing Complexities: Better respond to the demand complexities of B2B marketing, and improve marketing process strategies, with curated B2B business data that can help you target marketing communication to teams and accounts.
  • Enhance Brand Relevance: Utilize the full breadth of collected customer data contained in organized databases to prepare timely marketing experiences that enhance brand relevance and increase consumer engagement.
  • Personalize Marketing Content: Leverage a custom information database for marketing research and analysis to personalize marketing content and increase customer acquisition by sending more relevant, targeted messages to both existing and potential customers.
  • Put Data into Action: Marketing teams can be empowered with control over customer data thanks to clean, centralized records that support customer segmentation, RVF analysis, and Single Customer View.
  • Forward-Thinking Conclusions: Develop forward-thinking conclusions for your business’s strategic planning and market cultivation, compare competitor products, and build competitor portraits with the custom competitor and market databases.

Outsource Database Creation Requirements to Research Optimus

With an experienced team of database creation experts, ROP has been providing businesses across the globe with exceptional support in market research and analysis, giving companies the capabilities to develop, grow, and succeed. Navigating through the complexities and unpredictability of the markets, ROP empowers businesses with a structured information database to improve market research, analysis, and advertising campaign personalization and effectiveness.

Contact ROP today for cost-efficient database creation services that support database marketing, information communication, and real-time marketing.

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