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Research Optimus (ROP) provides accounting support services to assist organizations in managing their accounting system in accordance with global accounting regulations. ROP’s team of financial analysts monitor changes in the accounting regulations in client-specified geographies and provide the accounting advisory services in-line with accounting regulations in different geographies. The team of fixed income accounting experts at ROP ensures that the clients have access to all the information required on the unique size, resource banks, operations, protocols, and industries in which they operate.

Research Optimus helps businesses exist under increasing financial constraints, requiring every expenditure to present a valuable benefit or add value to the customer experience. By providing a customized mix of financial research services and the ability to dynamically scale team sizes throughout the project, Research Optimus have become industry leaders in accounting support services.

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Accounting Support Services
from Research Optimus

Research Optimus operates to the topmost global accounting standards, with a high degree of knowledge and experience gained over more than a decade of industry experience. Our approach empowers you to operate at peak efficiency, and includes the following services:

  • Accounting and Reporting IPO Support

    Our team members have over a decade of experience in critical areas concerning IPOs. We offer a comprehensive range of accounting and reporting services designed to support your company’s core competencies.

  • Manuals and Paperwork

    We actively assist in the creation of paperwork, manuals, and terms and conditions documents. We benchmark accounting policies against industry norms and advise on their compatibility.

  • Rewards & Incentives

    Research Optimus can set up EMI schemes, share structures, termination protocols, and benefit arrangements.

  • Deal Support

    Research Optimus can boost the productivity of any internal team at times of high pressure. We scale our services to perfectly match your requirements, deadlines, and budget.

  • Financial Statements

    Research Optimus creates financial statements under GAAP and IFRS protocols. This allows our teams to service a wide range of sectors and public entities.

  • IPSAS & Cash to Accrual

    Our cash accrual and IPSAS services are designed to apply across a wide range of business models. We ensure that presentations are prepared to translate IPSAS implementation.

  • Post-deal Support

    Issues that arise after a deal has been completed include complex accounting conundrums, financial statements, and paperwork preparation and can all be handled by our expert team.

  • Technical Advice

    Our team is experienced in administering recommendations for technical competencies including mergers, debts and equities, acquisitions, revenue recognition, leasing, and many other key variables.

  • Statutory Accounting and Bookkeeping

    We offer highly efficient and cost-effective compliance obligation solutions while maintaining an up-to-date internal process.

  • Hedge Advisories

    Our team has over a decade of experience in the industry, providing in-depth hedge account advisory services. We ensure full compliance with laws and requirements, including the creation of documentation, templates, and methodologies.

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  • Tax Strategy

    We craft optimal taxation strategies, enabling your business to maintain control over corporate, employment, VAT, and private client tax.

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Why Approach Research Optimus for
Fixed Income Accounting Support

Research Optimus offers industry-leading accounting support services, making use of highly trained industry professionals and top end tools to support your accounting and financial management teams. Outsourcing to Research Optimus gives you access to great benefits:

  • Compliance

    Understanding the inner workings and core competencies of our client’s businesses have enabled Research Optimus to achieve top results with every support project. We ensure that every project is carried out with maximum care, ensuring that every aspect of your work is fully compliant.

  • Accountability

    Our team ensures the highest standards of accountability and communication are upheld. We monitor trends and performance metrics related to our client’s projects and utilize the best available tools.

  • Software

    Research Optimus makes exclusive use of the best software platforms, running on top-end hardware, and operated by our highly skilled dedicated accounting support teams. Minimal manual data entry and increased opportunities for streamlining and improvements are additional benefits to this approach.

  • Implementation

    Research Optimus can help you transition between old and updated accounting standards, elevating your core procedures and competencies. We guide your business through the entire upgrade process and assist with new systems training as well.

  • Financial Security

    We remove the burden of extensive software platform upgrades and hiring dedicated internal team members. Our team structure means you never bear the costs of a team member’s sickness leave - your project will always keep running.

  • Control

    Our globally positioned team of elite business professionals enables us to offer our clients total flexibility, from team scalability to deadlines, and rate of spend control.

  • Process

    We make use of our proven internal processes to ensure rapid project progression and avoid unnecessary wait times for our clients. We operate within the parameters of industry requirements and legal constraints to ensure total efficiency and no delays.

Advanced Accounting Support Services

Advanced accounting support services are among the best in the world, with a team built from industry-leading experts from across the globe. Our highly effective protocols are designed to incorporate each of the high demand service competencies required by accounting teams. Our years of experience and high level of training enable our teams to perform effectively across the globe.Contact us by using the form on our website to get your accounting teams supported and boosted as quickly as possible.

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