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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading independent research agency offering white label financial research services from India. We work with research firms and businesses, helping them achieve cost efficiencies so they can confidently outsource financial research projects to us and gain insightful intelligence and reports.

ROP helps its clients operate more effectively with competitive intelligence and specialized financial research services like investment memorandum consulting. ROP is uniquely qualified to help businesses and government agencies stay up-to-date with new developments impacting financial regulations — including those not routinely available in English.

Our core team is based out of Bangalore in India. We work with several Fortune 5000 companies as well as SMEs, MNCs and research firms located in North America, Europe and Australia.

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Financial Research Service Expertise

Here are the primary financial research services offered by ROP:

  • Asset Management Support

    ROP supports asset managers and portfolio specialists with customized analysis and recommendations such as best stock and bond picks, CAPM analysis, investment idea generation, variance analysis and risk-return analysis.

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  • Business Valuation

    ROP prepares DCF/LBO models, synergy analysis, tax valuations, WACC calculations, financial forecasts, sensitivity and scenario analysis, real estate modeling, financial valuations and capital structure analysis to support all valuation requirements.

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  • Commodities and Real Estate Reports

    Research Optimus reports on real estate developments and commodity trends for specific markets such as crude oil and gold. We examine real property and commodity markets both locally and globally.

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  • Competitor Intelligence

    Research Optimus evaluates multiple sources of market intelligence about competitors. We include SWOT analysis, company profiles, pricing and investment strategies, financial statement analysis, and benchmarking studies.

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  • Corporate Finance Support

    ROP facilitates fundraising and due diligence with M&A support, private equity and venture capital support. We organize data rooms and prepare information memorandums, pitch books and financial models.

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  • Credit Research

    Research Optimus creates customized rating models and evaluates existing credit ratings from agencies such as Fitch, S&P and Moody's.

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  • Equity Research

    Research Optimus provides financial research that analyzes equity markets worldwide as well as for specific markets and industries. We include fundamental and technical stock analysis, evaluate market volatility and trends, and provide IPO support.

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  • Finance Advisory

    ROP advises in specialized financial areas such as CFO consulting, finance and treasury management, accounting compliance and tax advisory needs.

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  • Financial Analysis & Financial Statement Analysis

    Research Optimus issues a detailed analysis of cash flow, financial ratios and reports. We examine the efficiency of working capital management and identify liquidity bottlenecks.

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  • Financial Modeling

    Our financial modeling consultants use years of expertise to provide accurate and insightful financial valuation models and their analyses.

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  • Financial Presentations

    Research Optimus provides PowerPoint presentations for clients, investors and lenders. Specialized formats include investment teasers, pitch books and information memorandums.

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  • Financial Risk Analysis

    ROP ensures that financial risk factors are identified and analyzed. Methods include cash flow risk analysis, quantitative risk modeling, statistical risk analysis of project success or failure and economic risk analysis.

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  • Financial SWOT Analysis

    ROP focuses on financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by creating strategies with a TOWS matrix and compiling a detailed financial SWOT analysis.

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  • Fixed Income Research

    ROP prepares a fixed income analysis that addresses regional and worldwide factors such as interest rate development and buy/sell recommendations for corporate and government bonds. We offer bond issuance support and evaluate specific credit ratings.

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  • Forex Markets Research

    Research Optimus examines global forex markets by researching elements such as currency effects on financial operations, currency hedging strategies and specific currency pairs.

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  • Insurance Research

    ROP analyzes internal insurance risks and identifies insurance firms and policies that can alleviate and control risk levels. We can provide coverage reports with service and price comparisons.

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  • Investment Banking Support

    Research Optimus provides customized presentations and reports for specific investment banking departments and decision-makers. We include real-time data analysis, company profiles and trading history.

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  • Investment Memorandum Consulting

    ROP can help with all aspects of the investment memorandum process. We can provide business plans and compile statistics, macroeconomic indicators and industry analysis for specific uses such as teaser preparation and investor rationale summaries.

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  • Investment Research

    Our expert team can conduct a thorough due diligence process on potential investments. We apply fundamental analysis, valuation, and market research to identify good investments for you.

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  • Investor Relations Reports

    ROP can create customized quarterly and annual reports that include financial statements, text content and supporting graphs. These can also be formatted as executive summaries for specific investor audiences.

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  • Macroeconomics Reports

    ROP analyzes macroeconomic data and trends involving factors such as interest rates and employment growth for various financial markets in developed, emerging, and developing countries.

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  • Microeconomics Reports

    ROP fetches microeconomic data related to your business, product, services and provides insights on the supply-demand of your product, production capability, and effects of a policy change on the business, etc.

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  • Performance Analysis

    Research Optimus examines sales, profitability, and other performance parameters for specific business units or branches as well as for regions and countries.

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  • Primary Research

    Research Optimus performs original research that includes both qualitative and quantitative primary market research, surveys, focus groups, and interviews with financial regulators and experts.

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  • Regulatory Reports

    ROP assesses changing financial regulations on a national and global basis. We take a detailed look at best practices, accounting laws, reporting standards, and valuation principles

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  • Structured Finance Reports

    ROP reviews structured finance products such as project finance, collateralized debt obligations, mortgage-backed securities, and asset-backed securities.

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  • Writing Services

    ROP can provide writing support that includes editorial services, content strategies, formatting, publishing and copywriting. Our capabilities include specialized functions such as transcriptions and translations.

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Pricing and Engagement

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality System

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Project Security

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Research Optimus

Benefits of Outsourcing
Financial Research Services to ROP

When organizations are reviewing alternatives for outsourcing financial research services, here are six major benefits when you choose ROP:

ROP delivers customized financial data that portfolio and financial managers require for timely decision-making.

ROP enables clients to leverage an existing and experienced financial research network of experts.

Has a well-trained team of writing and financial specialists who are always available to meet requirements needing a fast turnaround.

Can identify and screen financing options that include banks, venture capital and private equity firms.

ROP facilitates optimal risk-return scenarios with risk and insurance strategies developed by financial experts.

ROP ensures that clients always have unbiased and accurate data by performing original financial research or validating data provided by third-party sources.

Immediate Help with
High Quality Financial Research

Research Optimus provides a cost-effective and practical way to outsource your financial research needs as an outsourcing research partner — enabling you to save both time and money while you obtain expert financial research help.

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