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Research Optimus (ROP) helps banking organizations in staying current with the best practices in risk management and regulatory compliance requirements with its Asset Liability Management (ALM) services.

Our experts in Bangalore, India, develop custom strategies based on client requirements, accurately measuring and reporting on interest rates, liquidity, and credit risks.

With several years of experience in capital stress testing, concentration risk, and real return analyses, we partner with MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia and provide them with affordable white-label research services required to successfully manage their business.

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Services We Offer Under
Asset Liability Management

Our list of highly sought-after ALM services includes, but is not limited to:

  • ALM Reporting

    Our ALM Reporting service provides impartial, third-party analysis of your interest rate risk along with detailed quantitative and qualitative information on how interest rate fluctuations will inevitably affect short-term balance sheet volatility and income.

  • Data integrity Analysis

    By performing a precise examination of balance sheet data files, our analysts unearth erratic loans, deposit account elements, data omissions, and inconsistencies, which often occur as a result of data entry mistakes, core conversions, or mergers.

  • ALM Validation

    Using pertinent regulatory guidelines, ROP’s financial experts can verify the accuracy and validity of potential risk management solutions to identify areas for potential improvement, providing the client with legitimate and achievable options.

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights Analysis

    Our experts conduct mortgage servicing rights analysis, helping to preserve and improve member relationships while also assisting in managing balance sheet risks and cultivating income.

  • Liquidity Forecasting and Stress Testing

    Our team is aware that the processes involved in managing funds, forecasting cash-flows, planning contingency funds, and building a sound liquidity framework are of the utmost importance.

  • Non-Maturity Deposit Analysis

    ROP’s analysts conduct a meticulous econometric investigation of account behavior to evaluate non-maturity deposits in addition to the rigorous processes of analyzing qualitative overlays, supporting documentation, and the sensitivity of key variables.

Benefits of Choosing ROP
As Your Offshore Research Partner

ROP’s ALM services ensure that our clients meet and exceed their financial goals. The benefits of our ALM services include:

By outsourcing ALM services to ROP, banks – particularly community banks – enjoy the benefits of affordable, all-inclusive costs.

Our financial analysts are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and who work as full-time data gatherers and modelers.

As an outside vendor with a large amount of experience, we can provide banks with backup and highly sought-after continuity.

At ROP, we take data security seriously and we use continuous internal assessments to maintain high levels of security for every one of our clients.

Our teams can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s ALM needs and we provide long-term in-house resources or outside teams, depending on the complexity of the analysis required.

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