ROP Assists Advisory Institution with Equity
Research for their Portfolio

The Client - A Top Value
Advisory Institution

Based in the US, the client is an advising institution concerned with buying investment services. They offer a variety of financial services and products including hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, life insurance, unit trusts and pension funds all know as types of buy-side entities. They have a portfolio company which portrays their financial products and services. The client continuously is focused on presenting their servicing well so that they can attract more and more investors.

Requirements for Financial
Equity Research Project

The client approached Research Optimus (ROP) for estimates for their portfolio company which would help them with the financial equity research project and assess the result deviation once the results were available. These results would then need to be compared to exact the most productive units and measures.

Our team was required to divide up the work, download broker reports and collate estimates from the reports, then compile this information into a working model. It was requested that we concentrate specifically on total revenue and operating earnings, and also provide EPS (future annual earnings estimates).

Challenges Faced by Our
Equity Research Analysts

Initially, our progress was slow; we were faced with challenges including drawing company reports and compiling the information into a visualized format. Furthermore, eliminating unnecessary information and concentrating specifically on what the client had asked for proved to be somewhat of a hurdle as well. As equity research analysts we categorized the data and drew the relations to simply the analysis process. Especially, breaking the data into buckets based on what the client required made the process easier for us.

Detailed Process Followed by
Research Optimus

Our team continuously strives to meet the client’s expectations. To ensure this, we developed the following step-wise process:

  • We collated estimates from top 5 financial brokers like Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo Securities, and Cowen.
  • Our estimates included revenue, EBIT, EPS estimates and also segment-wise estimates wherever available.
  • For comparison purpose, we provided last quarter results and last year prior period results to derive QoQ and YoY change.
  • We downloaded and processed broker reports, and collated estimates from the provided data.
  • Operating earnings are the most important earnings since this metric excludes non- operating expenses. It enables an assessment of the company's core business profitability, as we also provided segmental earning reviews.

Specific Details Regarding Exceptional Steps Taken to Meet
the Client’s Requirements

  • We populated the estimates and provided a detailed report on how to interpret the report.
  • Apart from total revenue and operating earnings, we also provided EPS estimates.

Buy-side Equity Research
Project Benefits

The outcome was exceptionally successful, with both the client benefitting from our productivity and our team benefiting through the client’s vision. We were able to provide accurate reports in an easily consumable format, complete with a quick analysis tool to analyze quarterly results and assess the impact on the stock price for further positioning or repositioning of their products or services.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


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