Comprehensive Business Plan for American
Consulting Firm to Set Strategic Focus

About the Client – A
US-based Consulting Firm

The client is a consulting firm based in the US. Building and fire code consulting being their primary services, their client base includes mostly architects, real estate developers, government agencies, and contractors. With the changing and first growing real estate business, the client has successfully tackled many market challenges over the years. Known for its friendly approach and experienced consultants, the client is a popular and respected name among its clientele.

Requirements for Detailed Business Backed by Secondary Market Research

As the real estate market has become more and more competitive, the client wanted to realign its priorities for a strategic focus on another niche area – assisted living. This led them to search for an experienced research and analysis company that can create a detailed business plan for them. They contacted Research Optimus (ROP) after learning about our experience in the American market and over a decade long experience in providing a vast range of services such as – market research, competitive analysis, industry research, and more.

Challenges Faced by
ROP’s Analysts

There wasn’t much challenge except understanding the actual focus area of the client and the time taken to align their growth plan with respect to the market dynamics and the assisted living trends in the US. Our senior analysts prepared questionnaires for different scenarios and have a series of calls with the clients’ newly formed management body for clarity.

Research Optimus’s Approach to This Business Plan Documentation Project

As the business plan involved a long list of elements to cover, our analysts formed a stepwise process that covers all of those for a comprehensive document. The process outline was as follows:

  • After understanding the assisted living market in the US, ROP’s analysts formed a detailed set of questionnaires to align the market data and the client’s plans.
  • Based on the research and the client’s business objectives, our analysts prepared the business plan covering the following elements:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Business Description
      1. Objectives
      2. Company Overview
      3. Management Team and Key Stake Holders
      4. Service Description
        1. Description of Industry Problem
        2. Solutions Offered
        3. Deal Description
        4. Structure Details
    3. Industry and Market Analysis
      1. Assisted Living Market Trends in the US
      2. Market Dynamics
        1. Market Drivers
        2. Challenges
        3. Opportunities
      3. Market Snapshots
      4. Competitor Analysis
        1. Key Competitors
        2. Competitive Trends
        3. Top Competitors Profiles
    4. Market Approach and Strategy
      1. Market Strategy
      2. Business Model-Revenue Streams
      3. Marketing Plan
    5. Financial Projections
      1. Projected Sales Growth for five years
      2. Projected Cash Flows
      3. Expenses & Associated Costs Analysis
      4. Valuation Range of Venture or Business
      5. Appropriate Capital Structure
    6. Exit strategy and conditions
  • The final copy of the business plan was sent to the client after adjusting a few areas as per the client’s inputs.

In-depth Business Plan Covering Every Aspect of the Client’s Business

The client appreciated the way Research Optimus’ market research team communicated and took their management’s opinions into account at every key milestone. Apart from the detailed competitor profiling, our analysis inferences on the market drivers and the financial projections helped the client taking a much-informed strategic approach. ROP has expertise not only on market research but market entry strategy and financial research and analysis for 360-degree assistance on your business expansion or strategic market entry. Contact us today for a free consultation and custom quote.


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