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Research Optimus (ROP) has over a decade’s experience in buy-side research services offering white-label services to research agencies and clients such as asset managers in insurance companies and pension funds.

Located in Bangalore, India, ROP is preferred for outsourcing buy side research services by organizations from across North American and Europe. Our comprehensive services meet ISO 27001:2013 quality standards and are one of the most cost-effective ways for making better use of any buy-side manager's clock.

To discover how several MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies benefit by offshoring research and analysis services to us, contact us today.

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Our Buy Side Research Services

ROP offers the following buy side research services:

  • Company Analysis

    ROP takes a buy-side perspective when analyzing specific companies and includes meeting notes, business strategies, company overviews, earnings analysis, and monitoring tools to help find the data.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    ROP's economists examine macroeconomic parameters that impact buy-side investment decisions including factors like interest rates, economic growth, and employment trends in developed, emerging, and developing economies.

  • Fixed Income Securities Analysis

    ROP uses both existing credit ratings and our own credit evaluation metrics to develop the best bond picks and financial models that reflect interest rate guidance for corporate and government bonds in different currencies and countries.

  • Quick Estimates

    ROP can provide fast turnarounds when buy-side investment decisions must be made quickly including seasonality analysis, mean value-based models, and consensus estimate aggregation.

  • Investment Banking Support

    ROP provides investment banking support services that include transaction support, trading support, valuation of assets, and buy-side analysis.

  • Presentation Creation

    ROP helps buy-side teams with internal and external PowerPoint presentations that include statistics, graphs, images, and concise summaries.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    ROP assesses competitive forces impacting buy-side decisions and examines SWOT analysis and benchmarking studies while evaluating strategies and portfolios of competitors.

  • Commodities and Real Estate Reports

    ROP evaluates real estate and commodities markets for buy-side impacts due to factors such as gold, crude oil, and real property developments.

  • Financial Modeling

    ROP can use models such as LBO and DCF modeling, tax and financial valuations, sensitivity analysis, financial forecasts, real estate modeling, and WACC calculation. Read more about our financial modeling services.

  • Technology Updates

    ROP helps buy-side firms to incorporate the latest trading technologies such as computerized trading platforms, FinTech, and high-speed trading strategies.

  • Sell Side Document Analysis

    ROP can include sell-side information when assembling buy-side research by reviewing sell-side documentation such as pitch books and investment memorandums.

  • Regulatory Reports

    ROP helps you stay up-to-date with current and future compliance challenges in the global buy-side markets by reviewing best practices, ad-hoc news, accounting laws, and reporting standards in each impacted government jurisdiction.

  • Structured Products Research

    ROP reviews buy-side investment alternatives in the structured products category including products such as collateralized debt obligations, structured project finance issues, and mortgage-backed securities.

  • M&A Support

    ROP can support all M&A support functions such as data room organization, merger models, data mining, document creation, and due diligence.

  • Investment Risk Analysis

    ROP identifies and analyzes buy-side financial risks and includes economic risk analysis, portfolio variance, statistical analysis, and quantitative risk models.

  • Equity Research

    ROP analyzes buy-side investment conditions in worldwide equity markets by reviewing trends, forecasts, and best stock picks based on fundamental and technical analysis in specific markets and industries. Read more about our equity research services.

  • Portfolio Management Support

    ROP can help buy-side portfolio specialists and asset managers with research services that are customized for their needs.

  • Investment Hypothesis Testing

    ROP offers the capability to test investment hypotheses before buy-side decisions are finalized.

Buy-Side Research Services — Benefits of
Outsourcing to Research Optimus

When your company is exploring ways to outsource buy-side research services, consider these seven major benefits when you select ROP:

ROP facilitates fast buy-side decisions with quick estimates that enable buy-side firms to stay ahead of competitors.

Can analyze sell-side materials such as investment memorandums to give buy-side managers a complete picture from every investment angle.

ROP combines years of buy-side expertise and cost-effective pricing to help buy-side firms reduce research budgets.

ROP has a complete buy-side research team that means you can obtain immediate access to investment experts without adding to your internal research staff.

Uses the latest financial modeling to deliver accurate market data for buy-side investment decisions.

ROP ensures timely buy-side regulatory compliance that helps to avoid penalties and fines while also contributing to fast investment decisions.

ROP produces presentations and reports that meet and exceed best practices while providing in-depth analysis of buy-side financial instruments such as structured products, real estate, commodities, fixed income, and equities.

Research Optimus — Cost-Effective
and Immediate Help for Buy-Side Research Services

ROP provides a practical and timely way for outsourcing your buy-side research needs — our research experts are ready to help you today.

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