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Research Optimus (ROP) offers to efficiently manage your complete company profiling requirements. ROP enables businesses to finalize their marketing strategies by providing business intelligence and key information on prospects, suppliers, and competitors.

Our team, working from Bangalore in India, takes into account news, finances, corporate structure, SEC filings, business media, and many other considerations to offer accurate competitor insights.

Contact us today to discover how leading MNCs, SMEs, startups, and research agencies from North America, Europe, and Australia have benefitted from our affordable white-label company profiling services.

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Company Profiling Services by Research Optimus

ROP offers a full range of services for delivering detailed company profiles:

  • Competitor Profiling

    ROP creates in-depth profiles on any company’s competitors in a number-based, factual manner including data on their strategies, facilities, staff, finances, background, markets, and products.

  • Growth Strategies

    We report back on your competitor’s operational standards, with a specific focus on growth strategies including media, expansion plans, philanthropy, migration, employee numbers, and various other relevant factors.

  • Market Positioning

    Our team analyses your company’s market position, making sense of the market needs and the way companies react including analysis of target markets, brand image, value proposition, tactics, USPs, and market strategies.

  • Financials

    ROP studies pertinent corporate records and historical figures to generate detailed financial profiles on competitors.

  • Competitive Analysis

    ROP helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business about others, either in the current market or in a hypothetical market.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Our team analyses the supply chains of specific businesses to understand their process more completely which includes data on vendors, suppliers, logistics, points of sale, distributors, technology, manufacturing plants, infrastructure, and connected analysis.

  • Key Contacts

    Our team creates key contact reports including executive profiles, resellers, branding specialists, communication analysis, strategists, and team members.

End-Benefits of
Availing our Services

By partnering with ROP for your company profiling requirements, your business can avail the following unique end-benefits:

We ensure that our team accesses the most up-to-date data to ensure that changes in the market are reacted to quickly.

Your team members are naturally biased by their loyalty to your business. ROP can be far more objective and provide a bias-free perspective, providing your business with clearer insights.

ROP has access to key databases including commercial, industrial, and government lists. Our research combines these unique sources to inform our reports.

Our team can skillfully conduct primary and secondary research including surveys, interviews, and data collection.

Approach Research Optimus for
In-depth Company Profiling

Our highly experienced team of analysts assist you in decision-making by drawing on a combination of unique tools and years of market observation experience. Contact us today to discover how we can improve your company profiling processes.

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