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Research Optimus (ROP) offers advanced company research reporting services helping organizations make insightful business decisions. ROP’s research team, working from Bangalore in India, does a thorough analysis of your business and your competitor to help you make the best possible strategic decisions.

Our team comprises financial research experts across multiple industries and provides research information on any company affordably. Our customers include businesses and research agencies from North America and Europe who have reaped significant benefits by outsourcing research to us.

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Our Company Research Reports Services

We offer the following reporting services:

  • Valuations

    ROP analyzes our client’s businesses, and their competitor’s businesses to provide reports highlighting actionable pointers.

  • Dividend Analysis

    Our team analyzes historical dividend reports alongside supporting financial indicators that can be utilized in benchmarking and developing insights.

  • Capital structure

    We help gather information for assessing common and preferred equity, short-term and long-term debt, and the resulting debt-to-equity ratio.

  • Performance Analysis

    ROP analyses corporate performance by investigating both primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative indicators.

  • Risk Reports

    We produce detailed risk simulation reports that include the potential positive and negative effects of decisions on a business's ability to succeed in delivering on its business strategy.

Benefits of Availing our Company Research Reports Services

Outsourcing your company reporting requirements to ROP gives you access to our uniquely skilled team and vast experience.

Outsourcing to ROP’s team ensures a bias-free process and actionable insights on competitors.

ROP’s years of experience and varied professional team members have given us access to a multitude of services and perks including financial research reports, and commercial and government databases.

At ROP, we make continuous internal assessments a priority, ensuring that high levels of security are part and parcel of our services.

Our team members are required to sign strict NDA’s, ensuring that there is a certain level of trust between the client and ROP.

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Our team has been assisting businesses for years with financial research solutions across multiple countries and industries. Contact us today, and one of our experienced market analysts will reach you with a detailed process on how to take it forward.

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