Extensive Research on Industrial Tradeshows for a
Leading Investment and Acquisition Firm

The Client – California-based
Investment Advisory Firm

Located in California, the client is a premier investment and acquisition advisory firm. The firm takes charge of the pursuit of new investments, operating within select sectors of industrial manufacturing and services, as well as healthcare, business and financial services, technology, and various other spheres.

Our client plays the role of advisor to several well-capitalized private equity funds and corporations in the United States, and across the glove. Their executive-first model enables them to partner with proven operators that are equipped with outstanding industry experience. Additionally, the firm is known to have many connections that can be leveraged to make lucrative decisions and develop successful business strategies. After making contact with us via our online contact form and discussing the client’s needs, it was decided that our company was the best fit for their research requirements.

Requirements for the
Research Project

Research Optimus (ROP) was approached by the client to conduct a market research survey of the UK and US financial technology firms. Being a premier research and analytics service provider with several years of experience, ROP was the choice for the client because of its past projects including the collection of business-critical information to high profile clients across various industry verticals.

Challenges Faced by Our
Research Team at Research Optimus

The client was on the hunt for two full-time analysts who would be able to perform thorough research on trade shows by perusing trade show lists, gathering contact information, cross-checking various databases, and entering the results into a structured database.

After an initial trial period, the market analysts at Research Optimus (ROP) performed well, and the project continued with the contract.

Challenges Faced by
ROP’s Research Team

Initially, it was challenging to adapt to the client’s time zone and work full business hours. Once our analysts were able to adjust to the Pacific Time Zone, we experienced no further challenges.

Our Detailed Research and List Building Process

Assigning dedicated, full-time resources to any project is not without challenges. However, we implemented our step-wise process, and the client has been happy with our approach thus far:

  • After an initial meeting with the client, we made sure to thoroughly understand what was required of our team.
  • The requirements were communicated to our two analysts, who were ready to tackle their new full-time research tasks.
  • The analysts collected data from various sources and then validated the details from credible sources before updating to the information base. The research was completed according to the client’s specifications and added to the database categorically.


The project is currently in progress, and the client has been happy with our work thus far. We will continue to deliver high-quality results until the project has reached completion, and fully expect that the client will be pleased to work with us on future projects.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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