Unique Research Project on Leading Banks and Financial Institutions by MIT-backed Credit Rating

Our Client – New York-based
Credit Rating Agency

Based in New York, our client is an MIT-backed rating agency focused on assisting companies with the management of non-credit risks. Additionally, they help businesses with the identification of new opportunities for growth and collaboration in growing economies. The firm uses innovative technology and deep domain expertise to generate and risk scores on various companies across the globe.

Requirements for the Research Project

Research Optimus (ROP)’s team was requested for the collection of annual bank reports and to enter details related to location, gross income, expenditures, total employees, auditors’ names, the percentage of gross to expenditure ratio, and other necessary details into the defined fields on the client’s web portal. Based on the details provided, our client would develop a credit rating for each bank on the list.

The client requested that we collate details related to approximately 20 - 25 banks per day. On average, we would need to fill in 20 fields in 1.5 hours to meet the client’s expectations. Our team was also requested for identifying the banks owned by the government or private sector, a task that required digging a little deeper.

Challenges that Our
Research Team Faced

Our team faced some initial challenges related to understanding the project’s terms and the details of the reports themselves. Additionally, it was fairly difficult to find people with the necessary skill sets as well as people with an adequate background in similar banking projects to work on this project.

Furthermore, we needed to complete the project at an accuracy level of 100%. The client had mentioned clearly in the requirement document that there was no margin of error in this project and the reports need to be accurate.

Our Detailed Research and List Building Process

ROP’s research team was focused on generating thorough, accurate results. Our step-wise process, from the requirement to delivery, included the following:

  • We received the input list and formed a dedicated team comprised of 4 expert researchers and one quality control professional.
  • After consulting with the client to iron out the final details, the team was briefed on the project requirements and fields that needed to be filled in.
  • First and foremost, our researchers needed to discover whether the banks in question are part of the government or private sectors.
  • Annual reports were fetched from credible sources and used to generate the information required to fill in the required fields.
  • The internal quality check was completed.
  • All results were then uploaded to the client’s web portal with the necessary remarks.

More than 50% Cost Saving
for the Client

ROP’s research team was able to save the client approximately 50% - 60% in comparison to what other research firms would have charged for the same project. Additionally, we were able to deliver the results in record time - almost the same day - which is a much speedier turnaround time than one would expect from our competitors.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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