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The global business community is a tricky landscape to navigate. Regulations and requirements differ greatly between different countries. Research Optimus (ROP) develops the most accurate, cutting-edge outsourcing credit rating advisory reports, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions.

We understand every aspect of accurately analyzing corporate credit ratings. Our meticulous approach and depth of our reports ensures that you your business is prepared for the initial credit evaluation processes. Clearly, it’s advisable to consider the implications on your credit score, before making financial and business decisions.

Our team advises and supports you in the process of obtaining or improving your business’ credit rating. We have the experience and resources to amalgamate every data point required including financial forecasts, sensitivity analysis, key focus rations, and cash flow actions. Contact us via the form on our website to begin the process of optimizing your credit scores. One of our senior team members will reply as rapidly as possible.

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Credit Advisory Services
Offered by Research Optimus

The Research Optimus team has over a decade of experience in developing in-depth credit rating advisory reports. Our services include:

Core Competencies:

  • Shadow Rating Guidance

    Knowing when to invest in purchasing debt that comes without official credit scores, or predicting the outcomes of releasing your own business’ debt to the market is greatly simplified by obtaining an shadow rating. The unofficial nature of shadow ratings gives you the power to make the most informed business and financial decisions, without assuming large risks to your credit status.

  • Rating Agency Requirements

    We support the process of working with you to present your company to credit rating agencies in the best way possible. We analyse every data point, and build a defense in favour of your shadow rating, and offer advice for your future financial options.

Supplementary Services:

  • Data Collection and Analysis

    Our team gathers data including financial performance metrics, liquidity stats, debt profiles, corporate strategies, ownership, capital structures, regulatory details, investment programmes, and key supporting metrics that apply to your unique needs.

  • Shadow Rating Support

    We analyse your competitor’s credit ratings and utilize this data alongside AFI’s ratings estimation methodology.

  • Presentation of Conclusions

    Our team takes care to identify the relevant risks and constraints influencing the rating process.

  • Process Reviews

    We analyze credit rating processes to highlight potential hurdles and challenges that can be approached proactively.

  • Capital Structure Strategy

    Our team consults with clients on the mapping, structuring, and implementation of specific leverage and risk management. We assist with managing your liabilities and optimizing your capital structure.

  • Peer Analysis

    Our team produces comparisons between peers and other potential competitors based on in-depth analysis of the corporate landscape.

  • Debt Capacity Reports

    Research Optimus analyzes the amount of debt that can be issued by a business before challenges begin to arise.

  • Quantitative Benchmarking

    Research Optimus studies historical financial records and adjusts the variables to inform our forecasting capabilities across a range of potential outcome scenarios.

  • Rating Support

    We outline factors that could potentially affect your credit score including analysis and optimization of the financial protocols, debt service projections, and legalities.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing Our Services

Research Optimus is a global leader in producing accurate, accessible credit rating advisory reports. Outsourcing with us benefits you in the following ways:

  • Consistent and Up-to-date

    Research Optimus advises on the widest range of transactions, enabling our team to keep up-to-date on industry fluctuations in real time.

  • Cost Optimization

    You remain in control of your spend throughout the project, with a scalable team that gives you the resources you need most as your needs arise.

  • Key Competencies

    We have extensive experience in credit rating processes and requirements, saving you the huge amount of time and money it would take to train and upskill your internal teams for the unfamiliar new environment.

  • Data Security

    Your data security is our priority. We adhere to strict international standards and incorporate our own meticulously secure internal processes and enryptions.

  • Industry Experience

    Our team has over a decade of experience in providing credit rating advisory services across a multitude of global industries. We have team members all over the world to ensure regional legislative compatibility.

  • Impartiality

    We are an independent entity, allowing our teams to produce reports based on totally original, unbiased information. Research Optimus has no hidden agenda, as evidenced by our transparent process and high degree of accuracy.

  • Improved Ratings

    Our depth of experience allows us to improve the credit rating you would currently achieve. Our up-to-date iterative process allows us to optimize your company’s ratings.

Confidence in Ratings with the Experts
from Research Optimus

Research Optimus is a leader in developing comprehensive credit rating advisory reports. We ensure total accuracy and impartiality in all of our reports, and offer credit rating advisory services to identify the optimal path to the best credit rating outcome. Contact our financial research team using the form on our website today. A member of our core team will respond as fast as possible.

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