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Research Optimus (ROP) serves as an experienced Financial Advisory Services partner of research agencies and businesses, helping them understand the financial opportunities and threats in their markets.

Our white-label financial advisory services are delivered by analysts located in Bangalore, India. We serve clients globally and employ foreign language experts as a strategic method of accessing specialized information.

Our team of financial advisers help MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia in making profitable financial decisions in a timely fashion. To know more about our cost-effective research services, connect with us today.

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Our Financial Advisory Services Expertise

We provide a practical method of "filling the gaps" that occur during investment decisions with our collection of 16 financial advisory services:

  • Market Assessment

    We perform a SWOT or PEST analysis to help you succeed in an existing or new market by showcasing the impact of alternative strategic steps.

  • Customized Research Services

    Even when we produce customized reports, financial models, and presentations, we provide a quick turnaround.

  • GAAP Reporting (U.S.)

    We address business actions required due to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (especially critical for M&A transactions and other corporate initiatives) such as ASC 805 for Purchase Price Allocation, ASC 350 for Goodwill Impairment, ASC 820 for Portfolio Valuation and ASC 718 for Share-Based Payments.

  • Risk Management

    We help clients manage and control risk via corporate risk analysis and country risk analysis that highlights potential risk exposure so investors can minimize risk while maximizing investment returns.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We can help you compete by delivering key performance indicators of comparable companies and generating ideas for strategic action to improve your competitive position.

  • Cross-Sector Expertise

    At ROP we build upon a strong combination of practical know-how, technological knowledge, and long-term working relationships with senior-level decision-makers within corporations and governmental agencies.

  • IFRS Reporting

    IFRS often guides international financial transactions, and our team includes experts with ASA, CA, CPA, and CFA credentials to facilitate meeting complex reporting requirements.

  • Fairness Opinions

    We can help reduce conflicts of interest and provide support for objective decision-making with unbiased transaction-based opinions, financial reporting opinions, and tax planning opinions.

  • Investment Memorandums

    We can assist in building investor awareness and supporting business cases during pitch presentations with our thorough approach to creating an investment memorandum.

  • Project Finance

    For development projects funded with specialized financing structures, we provide advisory services to private and public sector groups for infrastructure, energy, and urban development projects.

  • Transaction Support

    Our support for buy-side firms includes evaluating risk factors and performance drivers for target companies, and transaction support for sell-side firms encompasses due diligence, presentations, information memorandums, and pitch books.

  • Restructuring Support

    We can define overall turnaround and restructuring plans, provide operational consultation at each stage, advice regarding bankruptcy issues, search for M&A opportunities and new business partners and develop short-term and long-term cash flow projections.

  • Multi-Language Research Services

    We can locate hard-to-find local and regional information by using research experts skilled in multiple foreign languages.

  • Tax Compliance

    We analyze impacts due to the relevant U.S. Internal Revenue Service codes such as IRC 409A for valuation, IRC 83b for restricted stock and stock vesting requirements, IRC 1374 for S Corporation election, and IRC 382 for carrying forward net operating losses.

  • Financial Modeling

    Research Optimus can provide specialized financial models for diverse situations such as business restructuring, project finance, portfolio analysis, business performance tracking, M&A/LBO transactions and budgetary tools.

  • Due Diligence

    ROP can provide timely due diligence reporting by compiling financial information, organizing and managing data, supporting the negotiating process, assessing tax positions, and calculating enterprise value.

Reasons to Outsource Financial
Advisory Services to Research Optimus

If you are deciding whether to outsource either one or several financial advisory services, please consider the benefits and advantages when you select us as your working partner:

ROP is a successful and experienced global financial services adviser — our satisfied clients are scattered across the world and include both Fortune 5000 companies and small businesses.

We tailor our financial advisory services to the specific needs of each client — we are especially adept at handling difficult and time-sensitive tasks while your internal staff focuses on business development and client retention.

We have the resources to manage multiple projects simultaneously — even when clients ask us to deliver a complex combination of customized reports, primary research, fully developed financial valuations, comprehensive due diligence, risk-return analysis, and multi-language data mining, the ROP team delivers with a timely turnaround.

We are an expert team already in place — without hiring any new employees, you will have access to senior corporate finance analysts with CA, CFA, ASA, and CPA credentials.

ROP is devoted to creating excellence while reducing your costs — this means that clients will receive the world-class quality that is based on "best practices" while also improving their financial bottom line.

How Can We Help You?

When you outsource financial advisory services to ROP, you can expect multiple benefits — reducing costs as well as improving quality and reducing turnaround times from start to finish. Contact us today to discover the benefits of outsourcing your research projects to us.

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