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Research Optimus (ROP) offers white-label investment memorandum services that are needed for an expanding variety of business transactions. We prepare a high-quality investment memorandum for potential investors and financial partners.

Our industry experts in Bangalore, India can complete the necessary and time-consuming investment memorandum documentation and free up valuable time for your staff to spend on other high-priority tasks.

ROP is a cost-effective and trusted partner of research agencies and investors. We have extensive experience working with different MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Ways We Can Help as
Investment Consulting Team

ROP provides a diversified portfolio of services as an investment consultant:

  • Company Profiles

    ROP assembles comprehensive business profiles and anticipates questions that financial partners and investors are most likely to ask. Read more about Company Profiling.

  • Tax Reports

    ROP ensures that all tax aspects are addressed such as current tax situations, tax history and tax strategy explanations.

  • Investor Overviews

    ROP compiles an overview of current and proposed investors including investor typologies, contact details, and investment goals.

  • Gap Analysis

    ROP examines the gap between current business levels and projected financial results after funding is obtained to enable potential investors to focus on "with new funding" and "without new funding" scenarios.

  • Business Plans

    We develop an executive summary (including SWOT analysis and strategic milestones) that makes it possible for busy executives to get what they need from the longer business plan by reading one or two pages.

  • Industry Reports

    ROP examines factors that influence each specific industry category including industry outlooks, key industry players, entry barriers, and trend analyses.

  • Investment Proposals

    To identify all pertinent investment elements we describe value propositions and opportunities for funding support in an investment proposal that includes an executive summary.

  • Methodology Explanations

    ROP ensures that all parties fully understand methodologies used during the research phases of investment memorandum preparation.

  • Financial Analysis

    ROP compiles a detailed financial examination based upon cash flow projections, balance sheets, and income statements to address the financial deal structure, projected IRR, and exit strategies.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    ROP analyzes macroeconomic factors by describing the specific impact on the investment memorandum's deal including PEST analysis, global challenges, and currency effects.

  • Investor Rationale

    ROP details how funds will be used, the timing for returns on investment, and the potential risks in comparison to investment gains.

  • Third-Party Validation

    ROP fills a due diligence role by validating third-party data and information and independently confirming details provided by parties such as consulting firms and banks.

  • Financial Modeling

    ROP prepares financial models that are expected by many potential investors including modeling to reflect discounted cash flow, valuation, key performance indicators, and scenario evaluation. Read more about Financial Modeling.

  • Management Team Biographies

    ROP highlights the background and key skills of key team members such as CXOs and senior executives.

  • Teaser Preparation

    ROP creates teasers that provide a concise overview of the information memorandum to produce a balanced summary that will encourage busy executives to take a closer look at the complete.

  • Design Support

    ROP creates PowerPoint presentations and documents that can play an instrumental role in business communication at various stages of investment memorandums including effective graphs/images and consistent logos, company details, and layouts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Investment Consulting Services to Research Optimus

Here are five of the primary benefits of working with Research Optimus as your investment consultants:

ROP has an existing team of investment memorandum consulting experts

Without hiring additional staff or assigning current staff to the time-consuming task of preparing investment memorandums, you can move ahead with an experienced partner.

ROP provides fast turnarounds that can be instrumental to the success of investment memorandums

ROP helps your fundraising efforts stand out in a crowded environment by showing how quickly you can provide detailed documentation.

ROP serves as an independent and unbiased source needed in several phases of an investment memorandum process

ROP provides third-party validations and other due diligence that will benefit from working with an independent provider.

ROP is experienced in meeting and exceeding best practices for a wide variety of industries

ROP has industry experts who can facilitate a more in-depth understanding of specific industries, so your investment memorandum will be tailored to meet industry guidelines.

ROP is skilled in specialized functions beyond those required for investment memorandums

ROP can handle much more than what is needed in the investment memorandum consulting process which can greatly simplify your working arrangement for other business operations’ needs.

A Smoother Process for
Preparing Investment Memorandums

In an ultra-competitive climate for business fundraising, doing a better job with
investment memorandums can provide a competitive advantage. ROP can help you
complete the entire process in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

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